The daily trading volume on OS was up by +4.8% yesterday, with slightly more than 12.2 million dollars traded.

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OpenSea Analytics September 24


The global cryptocurrency market cap was up by +0.3% yesterday, with a valuation of just over $963 billion dollars.

Bitcoin is down by -1.6%, trading at $18,777. Ether is up by +1.5% and trading at $1,295.

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CoinGecko Analytics September 23

Recently Launched and Trending Projects

Helion NFT Project Info PFP 1
Helion NFT Project Info PFP 2

Helions (SOL)

Helions is a collection of 10,000 female & male Solar Sentinels brought to you by Helio, an experienced team building the best payments platform in Web3. Our team’s aim is to deliver ultimate utility, rewards & powerful art via a single NFT. As symbols of progress, Helions embody the power of our community of Web3 builders & users.
Helio is a complete Web3 payments platform that’s fast emerging as the “Stripe for Web3” with 1,000s of projects, builders & users implementing Helio to accept crypto payments for E-Commerce, Subscriptions, Discord payment
s, Pay Links, Tip Jars, Invoicing, Paywalls, Pay Streams, Plugins and more.
Helio was founded in January 2022 by Jim & Stijn experienced entrepreneurs who have worked together for 17 years and previously built, scaled, and exited two B2B SaaS companies for $600M (ScanSafe: sold to Cisco for $200m in 2009 & Wandera: sold to Jamf for $400m in 2021).

The current floor price of Helion sits at 5.3 SOL, and it is the number one trending collection of the day on Magic Eden by sales volume. The collection launched its mint phase on September 22nd, and the collection has seen more than 23.8k SOL traded since its release.

Supply Count: 10,000
Mint Price: 3 SOL – 3.5 SOL
Current Floor Price: 5.4 SOL
RENGA PFP Project Info - 1


RENGA is a 10k illustrated collection of carefully curated, hand-crafted artworks created by digital artist, DirtyRobot, and inspired by the NFT community and his imagination. RENGA is also a brand strategy and design studio from Toronto that partners with different brands to impact the world positively.
RENGA is a collection released by DirtyRobot, also known as Daniel Isles, who is also responsible for a separate NFT collection called The Art of Seasons. The Art of Seasons collection recently pumped alongside RENGA and RENGA Black Box over the last 48 hours as the NFT community has been speculating that these collections are the next potential blue-chip projects that have been under the radar mostly due to the incredible artwork behind each unique PFP, and the number of smart money traders that have been actively buying and shilling these collections by DirtyRobot.
The RENGA PFP collections have seen more than a 37% increase in floor price over the last 48 hours, taking the collection from a 1 ETH floor to 1.34 ETH where it currently sits. RENGA is the #2 trending project on OS by volume. Each RENGA Black Box holder can be opened/burned to redeem a special RENGA PFP character. Currently, a little more than 74% of the RENGA Black Boxes have been redeemed for a RENGA PFP.

The collection has pumped over the last 48 hours since the team released videos of their recent IRL meet-up in Surfer’s Paradise in Australia, which took place on September 15th. The team recently shared a highlight reel of the meetup, which involved bottles of high-quality whiskey and cigars for its holders. During the meet up the team hosted several raffles where Black Boxes were given away and opened with exciting results. There are different storylines and various utilities for rare and special trait NFTs which has the community speculating and extremely excited for what’s to come. RENGA has proven itself to be one of the most skilled storytellers in the Web3 space.

Supply Count: 10,000
Mint Price: 0.4 ETH
Current Floor Price: 1.34 ETH
Meta-morphic NFT Project Info

Meta-morphic: Seven Treasures

Meta-morphic is a generative art project with a maximum supply of 2,197 NFTs that brings holders on a journey through nature, art, and the creative world of Huang Yuxing. Meta-morphic presents a narrative transcending the rules of nature and bringing us on a path of discovery, gaining, and collecting treasures from the natural world. Huang’s works have already passed the $8-million mark at auction, most recently via the sale of his epic riverscape Seven Treasure Pines (2016–19) which sold for HK$64.8 million ($8.3 million), more than 13 times its initial estimation, a record sum for a Chinese artist born after 1970.
Meta-morphic is a new NFT marketplace that is geared toward artists, galleries, and passionate collectors. The artworks are curated by their team of experts and vetted by the community. By bringing together artists and collectors on a secure and transparent platform, LiveArtX is paving the way for a new era that will bridge the traditional Art world with Web3.

The Meta-morphic collection began its mint phase on September 23rd at a high mint price of 1.2 ETH. The current floor price of Meta-morphic sits at 1.09 ETH, and the collection has seen more than 126 ETH in total volume traded since its release. Meta-morphic is the third-ranked NFT of the day on OpenSea by trade volume.

Supply Count: 2,197

Mint Price: 1.2 ETH

Current Floor Price: 1.12 ETH





Secret Skellies Society Project Info

Secret Skellies Society (SOL)

Secret Skellies Society is an immutable collection of 5001 NFTs which launched on Magic Eden on the Solana Blockchain. Home of the multi-chain iOS and Android app ‘Skellieverse’ bridging NFT communities from Solana, Near, and the Ethereum network.  There are a total of three different armies that are part of the undead Skellies Society.
The entire Secret Skellies Society collection was sold via a raffle system where investors purchased tickets to be able to mint a Skellies NFT. Those that didn’t get to mint a skelly were sent out refunds approximately five hours after the mint phase began. The current floor price of SSS sits at 2.97 SOL at writing.

Secret Skellies Society is the number two ranking project of the day on Magic Eden, with more than 12.2k SOL traded since its launch less than 24 hours ago on September 23rd. Much of the project’s utility and information is still yet to be disclosed, but the collection has been soaring since its release due to much speculation.

Supply Count: 5,001

Mint Price: 1.5 SOL

Current Floor Price: 2.97 SOL

Website: No Website



Magic Eden:

Bet3 NFT Project Info - PFP

Bet3 (SOL)

Bet3 is a sports betting platform on Solana that launched on Magic Eden less than 24 hours ago. On its platform, anyone can create bets on various sports such as Football, Baseball, Basketball, UFC, etc, and there are cool betting features such as picks, parlays, and Web3 media.
The goal of the Bet3 team is to create a sports media empire that will support to next weave of Web3 creators and builders. They will pay creators and supporters various affiliate commissions to grow and scale their current ecosystem.

Holders are granted unique holder-only access to free tools and the ability to earn via affiliate links. The team announced that they have Web2 collections with other SaaS companies bringing in more than $340k monthly in subscription revenue.

Information regarding the tools for holders is still yet to be released. Still, the team has hinted that the tools will be free for all holders, and various Web2 companies will end up paying a subscription fee to utilize its technology. Bet3 is the third trending NFT of the day on Magic Eden by Sales volume with more than 11.2k SOL traded since its release.

Supply Count: 5,777

Mint Price: 1.77 SOL

Current Floor Price: 2.89 SOL




Magic Eden: