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We keep over 25,000 readers up to date with the latest technology and business trends. Join our community of visionaries for free today.

We keep over 25,000 readers up to date with the latest technology and business trends. Join our community of visionaries for free today.

Adobe Firefly: Graphic Design Will Never Be The Same

Adobe is integrating AI-powered generation into its suite of design apps and services.

Runway AI: What Is Gen-2 and How Can I Use It?

Runway AI Gen-2 allows anyone to create full videos just from text descriptions.

What is Bard?

Google has officially unleashed its AI-powered chatbot called Bard.

How to Use Midjourney V5

Midjourney V5 understands prompts and creates realistic imagery like nothing we have seen before.

8 New Business Ideas Using GPT-4

GPT-4 has opened up a whole new world of AI-powered business ideas and opportunities.
How to use GPT4

How to Use GPT-4

GPT-4’s new capabilities are mindblowing. Here’s how you can start taking advantage today.

4 Instagram Growth Strategies Using AI

4 ways to grow your Instagram using AI tools like ChatGPT and Midjourney.

Highest Paying AI Jobs 2023

The AI industry offers a number of incredible, high-paying career paths, and there couldn’t be a better time to get started.

How to Build a Brand With AI Tools (For Free)

We can use AI tools to help us develop our brand positioning, pick a name, tell our brand’s story, and create all the brand assets we need in one day at zero cost.

Complete Guide to Twitter Marketing With AI Tools

We can use AI tools to boost our productivity, improve our content, and grow our following on Twitter in a fraction of the time.

100 Best AI Tools in 2023

Almost every industry on Earth is being disrupted by AI tools in 2023. Here are 100 of the best.

Midjourney Photography Prompts

Whether you are a photographer looking to up your game, or a business looking for cost-effective image solutions, mastering Midjourney photography prompts is a no-brainer.

Turn ChatGPT Into Your Personal Mentor

ChatGPT is a free mentor that can help us organize our life in a way that is optimized for success.
How to use ChatGPT to Learn Faster

How to Use ChatGPT to Learn Faster

A few ChatGPT prompts can save you hundreds of hours every year when learning something new.
ai marketing

8 Best AI Marketing Tools

AI marketing tools are helping businesses of all sizes succeed in the ever-increasingly competitive world of getting attention.

How To Use Midjourney: Advanced Midjourney Prompts

Midjourney is a tool creators can use to bring their vision into reality. To do that you need to speak its language.

How To Make A Website Look Professional With Midjourney

Taking a website to the next level with professional design assets was expensive and time-consuming. With Midjourney, not anymore.

6 Weird Ai Tools You’ll Be Glad Exist

What else can you expect from the internet other than using powerful technology to create weird stuff?

Best 6 AI Study Tools (That Aren’t ChatGPT)

These AI study tools are so effective that it is causing major controversy and disruption at all levels of the education system.

5 AI Tools That Will Make You Highly Productive

Here are 5 powerful AI tools that will turn you into a highly productive human being.

Rolling Loud NFT Is A Lifetime Pass To All Festivals

LoudPunx is a collection of 5,555 NFTs that provide lifetime entry into every Rolling Loud Music Festival across the world.

How To Use ChatGPT: Advanced Prompt Engineering

To remain competitive in this new world, there is simply no option but to learn how to use ChatGPT and other AI tools.

How To Be More Decisive Using This AI Tool

Rationale is a tool that uses AI to help people make quicker, better decisions. Here’s how to be more decisive using this AI tool.
Make Money with AI Art

How To Make $10k A Month Selling AI Art

This article will show you how to make $10k a month using AI tools to create unique, high-quality, copyright-free images.

Join The Sarge Universe’s Mint Party

The Sarge Universe is having a mint party to celebrate the launch of its 1,000 VIP NFT collection.
Microsoft OpenAI

Why Is Microsoft Investing Billions in ChatGPT?

OpenAI, the maker of ChatGPT, has announced a multi-year, multi-billion dollar investment from Microsoft.

Kryptoria: Build An Empire On The Blockchain

Kryptoria is an immersive 4X and RTS game enabled by the Ethereum blockchain.

Tribe3 Launches Gamified NFT Futures DEX

Tribe3 is a gamified NFT futures exchange where users can trade NFT perpetual futures with leverage.

10x Your Productivity With 3 AI Tools

Those that learn how to harness the power of AI will become superhuman. Here are three AI tools that will multiply your productivity.

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