GPT-4: Everything you need to know

March 19, 2023
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What a week it’s been in the world of AI. With Google scrambling to catch up in the AI race, OpenAI stole the limelight and unleashed its most powerful model yet, GPT-4. It’s making other models (and even ChatGPT) look primitive.

If you haven’t already gone down the rabbit hole, we’ll cover everything you need to know about GPT-4 in today’s email:

  • What is GPT-4, and how do I start using it? 🤔
  • The incredible things people are already doing with GPT-4 🤯
  • 4 new business ideas made possible by GPT-4 💸


What is GPT-4, and how do I start using it?

You’ve probably heard that OpenAI just released GPT-4.

It’s an improvement on ChatGPT’s model (GPT-3.5) that took the world by storm in the past few months, and is OpenAI’s most advanced model made available to the public. 

What can you do with GPT-4?

This week, OpenAI gave a demo on GPT-4’s capabilities. Here’s what you can expect from the new model:

  • It’s a lot smarter: GPT-4 scores in the top 90th percentile for the Uniform Bar Exam, while ChatGPT scored in the 10th percentile. That’s a considerable boost in IQ.
  • It can handle bigger prompts: GPT-4 is able to handle over 25,000 words of text. A lot more than the previous model.
  • It accepts images as inputs: In the GPT-4 demo, the presenter draws a rough sketch of a website he would like to build. He takes a picture of it, and asks GPT-4 to write the code for a website that looks like his sketch. As promised, GPT–4 writes the code for the website in seconds.


  • It’s more creative: The model has been trained to be more collaborative and creative to help people write songs, screenplays and even learn the user’s writing style.

How to use GPT-4?

GPT-4 is available to all ChatGPT Plus members ($20/month) on ChatGPT right now. All you have to do is to use ChatGPT in the usual way, and make sure the GPT-4 model is selected.

Although not all of its features are available, it is ready and waiting for you to test out some of its new capabilities.

For developers who want to use the GPT-4 API to build their own AI app, there is currently a waitlist. You can apply here.


People are already doing crazy things with GPT-4

It’s been one day since GPT-4 was unleashed into the wild, and people are already doing insane things with it. Here are just a few examples.

  • It can act as a second pair of ‘eyes’ for visually impaired people. This app can answer any question about an image and provide instantaneous visual assistance.
  • Build entire AI-generated worlds.
  • Writes the code for the classic games Pong and Snake with zero assistance.
  • Take a picture of a fridge, and it comes up with recipes for you.
  • One-click lawsuits for email scams. Imagine receiving a scam call or email, clicking a button, and the call is transcribed and a 1,000-word lawsuit is generated.

The use cases are coming in thick and fast. With GPT-5 expected to arrive later this year, the ways we can use AI are going to get unimaginably crazy. Buckle up!


4 new business ideas using GPT-4

With GPT-4’s new capabilities, come new opportunities. GPT-4 has opened up a whole new world of AI-powered business ideas and opportunities that were simply not possible with the previous model.

Here are 4 business ideas made possible by GPT-4.

1. Fashion App

Have you ever seen an outfit on Instagram or on TV that you wish you could have? A fashion app powered by GPT-4 would allow users to upload photos of outfits they like the look of, and get recommendations on how to replicate the look.

The app could provide links to websites where you can buy similar-looking garments. You could even ask users for their budget (less than $50, for example), and provide recommendations that are within that budget.

2. Pokedex for Anything

Like a Pokedex in Pokemon, GPT-4 allows us to take pictures to identify objects in the real world. Here are a few real-life use cases that would make incredible businesses:

  • Insect identification: This app would allow users to take a picture of insects or pests in their home or garden. GPT-4 would analyze the photos and provide information on the species and recommendations for control and prevention.
  • Dog identification app: How many times have you seen a cute doggo and wondered what breed it is? Take a quick picture with your phone, and you’ll have the answer in seconds without having to ask the owner!

3. Antique Appraisal

Gary Vee’s dream.

Let’s say you’re at a garage sale or flea market. You see a vintage watch that looks like it could be expensive. You take a picture of it with your price appraisal app, which uses GPT-4 to analyze the photos and provides a valuation based on historical sales data, rarity, and condition.

The app values it at $10,000, and you manage to convince the owner to sell it to you for $1,000. This tool would be insanely valuable for anyone in the antiques or collectibles business.

4. Language Learning App

A language learning app powered by GPT-4 would allow users to take pictures of objects that they would like to learn the name of in their target language.

Let’s say you are trying to learn Spanish. You see an apple, you take a picture of it, and the GPT-4 app tells you it is a ‘manzana’. The app provides additional contextual information about the apple, such as how to pronounce it and related verbs and vocab (such as “how much is this apple?”).

Infinitely more fun than a dictionary.

I want to see more AI business ideas!

If you’re excited about the new business opportunities of GPT-4, then make sure you check out our full article here.

In the article, we break down 4 additional business ideas including a fitness app (where you can upload photos of yourself) and an interior design app (that gives you specific advice on how to design your home).

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