October 31, 2022


Happy Meta Monday folks!

Were you too busy this weekend doing the Monster Mash at a Halloween party to keep up with Web3 headlines? Not a problem, WGMI Media has you covered. Here’s what we’ll be talking about:

  • Elon Musk sends CryptoDickbutts soaring
  • 9dcc is using NFTs to take community building to the next level
  • Three things to look out for today!

Elon Musk Sends CryptoDickbutts Flying

Elon Musk Sends CryptoDickbutts Flying

Welcome to another edition of “things I thought I would never say as a fully grown adult”: CryptoDickbutts is pumping.

The catalyst? Elon Musk.

In between firing Twitter executives, Elon found the time to read the results of a study about the average penis size in nude paintings. Mr. Musk responded in the only way he could… with a picture of a CryptoDickbutt NFT.

Judging from this Tweet, it isn’t only rockets that Elon is sending to the moon. The resulting scurry to gobble up CryptoDickbutt NFTs pushed the floor price from around 1 ETH to 3 ETH in less than an hour.

For those that don’t know, CryptoDickbutts is an NFT meme community that rose to prominence in August this year. There is a CryptoDickbutts DAO, and their mission is to buy a physical “Gooch Island” where holders can visit and roam freely.

Welcome to the internet.

9dcc: The future of fashion and community building?

9dcc: The future of fashion
Gmoney, the founder of 9dcc, has revealed his plans to use NFTs to revolutionize community building.
9dcc is a crypto-native luxury house that launched its first product, ITERATION-01, earlier this year.

ITERATION-01 is, in the crudest terms, a t-shirt. However, that t-shirt contains a chip that can be scanned by a phone to claim a companion NFT.
That chip can also be scanned by other people to claim a POAP (proof of attendance protocol NFT). Each t-shirt comes with 200 POAPs, and the t-shirt owner can distribute those POAPs to whoever they like.
Why is this so revolutionary?

This kind of technology enables community activation in a way that wasn’t possible before. 
  • Referral system on steroids: Firstly, it empowers the 9dcc community to distribute POAP NFTs to their friends and family. Those POAPs can then be used to access the larger 9dcc community. If you incentivize holders to give out POAPs, or give freebies to people who receive POAPs, you’ve got yourself a level 99 referral system.
  • Community games and events: At Art Basel on November 29, 9dcc holders will be able to give out limited edition POAPs (by getting others to scan their t-shirts). The individuals who collect the most unique POAPs and distribute the most POAPs at the end of the event will win an ITERATION-01 NFT.
It’s easy to imagine this kind of community activation being used by established brands at IRL events. Imagine a Marvel-themed POAP competition at Comicon, where limited edition Iron Man masks containing NFTs can be scanned to create Comicon POAPs.

It’s a beautiful example of how NFTs can be used to elevate brand engagement and customer/community experiences.


  • Miami Heat announces it will have the Chain logo (the company that helped Tiffany & Co. with its CryptoPunk pendants) on its shooting shirts
  • Twitter will start charging $20 per month for verification
  • Seedphrase, a CryptoPunk whale, received a $1.79m bid on a 7-trait Punk

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

Keep Your Eyes Peeled

It won’t just be children dressed as vampires receiving treats this Halloween. There’s a banger project dropping and a number of airdrops happening:

Art Gobblers

This will almost certainly be the biggest mint this week. The project has a powerhouse team including Justin Roiland (co-creator of Rick and Morty) and is backed by Paradigm.

The NFTs themselves gobble art. You can use the Art Gobblers ‘draw tool’ to create 1/1 NFTs. The Art Gobbler NFT will then eat that artwork, and will be displayed inside the NFT’s belly gallery forever.

You can read more about the project here. It mints at 4.20pm ET.

DigiDaigaku ‘Dark Spirit’ airdrop

At some point today, DigiDaigaku Genesis (12 ETH floor at the time of writing) and Heroes (6.3 ETH floor) holders will receive Dark Spirit NFTs.

The Dark Spirit NFTs will enable holders to create potions. Potions can be used to mutate ‘Villains’ (an upcoming free mint 10k collection) into Super-Villains.

Gutter Cat Gang

The ‘Clone Machine’ opens for D2 Gutter Cat Clones today at 4.20pm ET.

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