November 20, 2022


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The FTX story just keeps getting weirder. As increasingly concerning details about the FTX collapse continue to make the headlines, you’d be forgiven for missing the bullish news. And there’s been a lot of it. Here are this week’s Web3 winners:

  • Azuki: An Azuki NFT will be on a Formula 1 racing car at the 2022 Abu Dhabi Grand Prix
  • Invisible Friends: Holders will finally get their 3D Invisible Friends by Nguyen Nhut
  • SuperRare: Sold out its RarePass, which is currently at a 24 ETH floor
  • Wolf Game: Floor price surges after the trailer for the full game is released
  • Bored Ape Yacht Club: Survived a scare and a trippy ape sold for $738k
  • The Metaverse: Nike and Apple step up their Metaverse efforts
  • Pudgy Penguins: A Penguin will feature on a Kellogg’s cereal box



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In the most literal way imaginable, Azuki is showing no sign of slowing down. Fresh off of selling hoodies, pendants, and golden skateboards embedded with Physical Backed Tokens, Azuki is now going to feature on a Formula 1 racing car.

And it’s not any old racing car. An Azuki NFT will be placed on Max Verstappen and Sergio Perez’s Red Bull cars for the Formula 1 finale in Abu Dhabi.

Lei the Lightning Azuki will be displayed on the body of both cars. Following the race, 7,700 Lei the Lightning NFTs will be issued for free to commemorate the series finale.

On the day the news broke, trading volume spiked 90%. A couple of Azuki Spirits also sold for 120 ETH and 150 ETH.


Invisible Friends Thumbnail

Invisible Friends

Invisible Friends finally released details for the upcoming ‘3D Invisible Friends’ collection by Nguyen Nhut.
Holders of Invisible Friends and Clay Boys will have one week to mint a 3D Invisible Friend for 0.07 ETH. There will be a total supply of 5,000. Leftover mints will be reallocated.
After the announcement, the IF floor price jumped over 20% to 3.4 ETH.


This week, SuperRare (an NFT art marketplace) dropped its collection of 250 RarePass NFTs. It launched via Dutch Auction with its first sale at 138 ETH and a final price of 17.25 ETH.
RarePass holders receive 1 guaranteed monthly airdrop and 3 opportunities per month to win 1 of 3 unique 1/1 artworks. The artworks will be from top artists, including XCOPY, Other World, Coldie, Drift and Matt Kane.
The floor price has since crawled up to 24 ETH, and has already done over 1.2k ETH volume.

Wolf Game

Wolf Game is a strategic P2E game based on the Ethereum blockchain, and has basically inspired almost every other strategic P2E game that has launched since.
This week, Wolf Game released a short gameplay trailer. It revealed that the full Wolf Game will be released in December.
Directly after the tweet, floor prices from all its collections increased significantly. The original collection is up over 25% to 0.95 ETH, and Land is up 30% at 0.4 ETH.

Wolfgame Coming Soon

Bored Ape Yacht Club

It was touch and go for the Bored Ape Yacht Club in the aftermath of the FTX bankruptcy. After a brief moment below 50 ETH, the floor price made a mighty revival. The ape community bought ~80 Apes in one day and the floor price rebounded over 20% to around 60 ETH.
In the same week, news broke that Yuga Labs acquired 10KTF, and Beeple would be joining the team as an advisor.
The cherry on the ape cake was a huge sale of a Trippy Fur Ape for 613 WETH ($738,000). After a testing week for the collection, the sale reaffirms the significance of BAYC and its place at the helm of the NFT space.

The Metaverse

Let’s face it, Metaverses aren’t as ‘trendy’ as they were this time last year. Mark Zuckerberg’s metaverse efforts are hemorrhaging billions every quarter at Meta, and mainstream media loves to hate.
Nonetheless, corporate interest in building in the metaverse shows no sign of waning. Both Nike and Apple are stepping up their metaverse efforts.
Nike is launching a Web3 platform and ecosystem called ‘.SWOOSH‘. Dot Swoosh will be the home of Nike’s ‘virtual creations’. Virtual creations are interactive digital objects (like virtual shoes or clothes) that can be worn in video games and other online experiences.
Meanwhile, Apple is actively hiring hardware and software engineers to work in its Technology Development Group. One job posting even refers to building a “3D mixed-reality world”.

Apple and Nike Thumbnail

Pudgy Penguins

Grrrreat news for Pudgy Penguins holders… it has announced a partnership with Kellogg’s where a Pudgy Penguin NFT will feature on a select number of cereal boxes.
The boxes will contain physical collectible items, and you can even scan a QR code to redeem a digital collectible.
Luca Netz, the owner of Pudgy Penguins, has already managed to create Pudgy Penguin plush toys, and is on an all-out offensive to grow the Pudgy Penguin brand. His vision is to provide value to NFT holders by giving them opportunities to license (and therefore monetize) their Pudgy Penguin NFT.
Kellog's & Pudgy Penguins

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Operation Mitsubishi
Operation Mitsubishi is an upcoming PFP collection of 6,666 NFTs.
The artwork is dope, and the project plans to give its holders a variety of utilities including voting rights for the community wallet. The community vault will be seeded with 50% of the project’s net mint revenue, and holders will vote on which investments to make.
The project mints on Monday, Nov 21 at a mint price of 0.088 ETH. To learn more, you can head over to the Operation Mitsubishi Discord.


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