Midjourney Photography Prompts

February 28, 2023

In a recent poll, we asked our community to guess which of two images was AI-generated.

The results were staggering. Only 39% guessed correctly. The implication is that Midjourney is becoming an extremely valuable tool for photographers that want to create or enhance their work.

For businesses, Midjourney is a cost-effective alternative to buying stock photography or hiring a photographer to capture the graphics you need for ads, thumbnails, articles and social media posts.

Here are a number of effective Midjourney Photography Prompts to get you started.

Choose a Scene

Incorporating ‘scenes’ into your Midjourney prompts can have a dramatic effect on the overall look of the generated image. It will determine the look of a number of different elements, including lighting, clothing, backgrounds, foregrounds, props, and positioning.

Try adding the following scenes in your Midjourney prompts.

Prompt: Cinematic

Prompt: Golden hour

Prompt: Blue hour

Prompt: Satellite image

Experiment With Different Camera Lenses

The camera lens is what focuses light from what you see in the viewfinder into a spot on the back of your film. The lens is responsible for the width of the scene, and the depth of field. As such, using a different lens has a huge effect on the look and quality of your image.

It’s exactly the same in Midjourney, so try these lens types to experiment and see how they affect your results.

Prompt: 360 view of a real estate property realistic, 8k, superb quality

Prompt: Macro photo of a bee

Camera Brands, Lenses and Films

Photographers use specific camera brands, lenses and films to completely transform how a photo looks and feels. Here are a few examples you can use in your prompts:

Prompt: Sony a7R IV camera, Meike 85mm F1.8 lens

Prompt: Polaroid photo of the Banana – Man turbo Sled

Prompt: Beautiful college girl at a library, stylish haircut, full body, detailed facial features, detailed eyes, atmospheric lighting, Kodak Portra 800 film SMC Takumar 35mm f/ 2. 8 c 50, 2018

Prompt: A full photo of a cute girl in her 20s sitting alone in a restaurant during the daytime/ thinking/ near the window/ daylight/ Photograph taken on kodak camera/ Summer/ summer outfit/ Retro aesthetic/ Shot on 28 mm kodak camera/ Film vintage colors, 8k

Prompt: Fomapan 400

Prompt: Fujicolor Superia X-TRA 400

Prompt: Ilford XP2 400

Camera Angles

By changing the size, shape, and perspective of your subject, a camera angle plays a huge role in determining how an image looks and feels. Here are a number of camera angles you can play with to transform your Midjourney results.

  • Wide-Angle Shot: Pull the camera back from the subject
  • Ultra-Wide Angle: Pull the camera very far back from the subject
  • Eye-Level Shot: Camera even with head of figure
  • Far-Shot Angle: Figure looks very small/distant
  • Medium-Shot Angle: Looking up at figure from knee level (child gazes up at parent)
  • Ground-Shot Angle: Looking down at figure from knee level (parent gazes down at child)
  • Low-Angle Shot: On ground, looking up at figure (puppy gazes up at human)
  • Full-Shot Angle: Your target in full view
  • Full-Body Shot: Head-to-toe view, like full-shot angle
  • Glamour Shot: Different zooms, but always flattering to figure

Closing Thoughts

We are still a while away from creating 100% real, error-free images with AI. However, each Midjourney upgrade continues to prove how important AI-generated images will play in the future of media and entertainment.

Whether you are a photographer looking to up your game, or a business looking for cost-effective image solutions, mastering Midjourney photography prompts is a no-brainer.

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