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Mint Details

Mint Date 

May 26, 7:00 AM EST



Mint Price 

0.12 ETH for Genesis holders
0.15 ETH for WL

Mint Limit 

WL: 1 max
Genesis Holders: 2 max +1 if they held since mint (45% of the people)

What is ZooVerse Gen2?

ZooVerse Gen 2 is a community-focused pixelated NFT art project founded by Ollie Owen. ZooVerse Gen2 will have a total collection size of 4,000 NFTs, and it was created in order to help scale and grow the ZooVerse community.

Story / Background 

ZooVerse Genesis first launched on February 7th, 2022 with a total supply of 444 NFTs with a mint price of 0.12 ETH. The ZooVerse Genesis collection saw an incredible run, as the floor price of the collection surpassed 6 ETH at one point before eventually stabilizing and sitting at a current floor price of 2.49 ETH at the time of writing. 

ZooVerse Gen 2 is the second collection from the ZooVerse team, and it will have a total supply of 4,000 pixelated PFPs. Members who hold a ZooVerse Genesis NFT will be able to mint two Gen 2 ZooVerse NFTs for a 20% discounted price on mint day. ZooVerse Gen 2 was created to expand the ZooVerse ecosystem and to help build out the ZooVerse brand. 


Listed below are the utilities that will be available exclusively for those who hold a ZooVerse NFT.  Plans behind Zooverse Help, Rental, and Security will be shared through AMAs and infographics that will be released closer to the mint date.

  • ZooVerse Security
  • ZooVerse Renting
  • ZooVerse Loaning
  • Raffles for WL (NFTs and other Items)
  • Private Hypernode Access
  • Supply Crates
  • Mutable Collectibles
  • Access to the ZooVerse Academy 
  • Access to the best NFT community in the space
  • Leveling up your ZooVerse operatives, with friends
  • Access to whatever ZooVerse builds in the future



The ZooVerse team doesn’t believe in roadmaps. The team has a private roadmap that gets discussed internally, but they have purposefully avoided creating and sharing a public roadmap because they wish to prove to people why they should buy instead of sharing a copy and paste roadmap like so many other projects in the NFT space. 


ZooVerse has a core team of around 10 people, and the entire team of ZooVerse consists of around 30 people including mods, artists, community managers, etc. The team is not publicly doxxed, and all of the publicly shared information provided by the ZooVerse team is provided below for reference.


Ollie’s Twitter:

H’s Twitter:

Shimmy’s Twitter:

Estrid’s Twitter:

Aureliu’s Twitter:

Josh’s Twitter:

Nolongeroil’s Twitter:


Listed below are the official partners of ZooVerse as it has been shared directly by the Founder of ZooVerse in a 1 on 1 interview with WGMI Studios.  

Official Partners

Marketing / Community

Zooverse has been a part of many collaborations and giveaways, with notable NFT projects and NFT influencers. According to Ollie, the founder of ZooVerse, the team has always emphasized the importance of putting the community first above all else. Most, if not all, of the whitelist roles are handpicked, and the community of ZooVerse helps to market the project itself, mostly organically.

Marketing Collaborations

  • Dark Echelon (WL Giveaway)
  • Influencers such as @feyi_x and @hangout_DAO_ (WL Giveaway)
  • Yoga Pets (utility integration for both projects)
  • Champs Only (WL Giveaway)
  • NFT Circle (WL Giveaway)
  • Last Samurais (WL Giveaway)
  • Doodles Alpha (Twitter Spaces AMA)
  • Pod 3 (AMA via a podcast)
  • Korean influencer WL Giveaway with @herlengs77 
  • Castle Crush (WL Giveaway)
  • Project Zenogakki (WL Giveaway)
  • Dream Protocols (WL Giveaway)
  • Kahiru (WL Giveaway)
  • Prodigal Suns (WL Giveaway)
  • StarkWeb Learning Center (WL Giveaway)
  • Pixels (WL Giveaway)
  • The Armors (WL Giveaway)
  • Kuroki (WL Giveaway)
  • Lil’ Planets (WL Giveaway)
  • CyberLions (WL Giveaway)
  • Project PXN (WL Giveaway)
  • ChillBearClub (WL Giveaway)
  • Multiversal Walkers (WL Giveaway)
  • Flippr (WL Giveaway)
  • Third Eye Club (WL Giveaway)

How to get on WL

Members that are in the ZooVerse Discord server can attain the “Waitlist” role in order to be eligible to mint an NFT. The Waitlist is a reserve of members who will get the chance to mint if there is a remaining supply after the genesis and whitelist minting phases. 

Those who hold a Genesis ZooVerse NFT are eligible to mint up to two Gen 2 ZooVerse NFTs at a 20% discount. 


Bullish case

The ZooVerse team has proven to show they know how to develop and manage an NFT collection – which is apparent when looking at the sales stats behind the ZooVerse Genesis collection on OpenSea. Despite the current bearish sentiment in the NFT space, the genesis collection floor price sits at 2.49 ETH (at the time of writing) with less than 5% of the entire collection being listed for sale on OpenSea – which shows the strength of the collection in addition to the ZooVerse community itself. 



Only a few members of the ZooVerse team are doxxed, which is not ideal although it is still better than many of the fully anonymous projects that exist in the NFT space. ZooVerse Gen 2 will have a total supply of 4,000 NFTs which is more than nine times the supply of the genesis collection. The daily trading volume on OpenSea has been in a decline for the past week, so it is remains to be seen how the market will be reacting as it gets closer to the launch date. 

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