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NFT Market Update

The trading volume on OpenSea over the weekend was higher than it was the previous week as we’ve seen an average daily trading volume of around 19 million dollars. Yesterday, the trading volume on OS was down by -15.5% with slightly more than 17.7 million traded.

Source: Dune Analytics

Crypto Update

On Friday we saw the global cryptocurrency market cap surpassing one trillion dollars, but the cryptocurrency market has been on a downtrend over the weekend.  The global cryptocurrency market cap is down by -3% in the last 24 hours with a valuation of just under $954 billion dollars. 

Bitcoin is down by -3.7% and trading at $20,523. Ether is down by -3.6% and trading at just under $1150.

 Source: CoinGecko

Recent Launches and Trending Projects

Monster Cave – Elder Torch

Monster Cave – Elder Torch is a free-to-mint collection of 10k NFT torches that are part of the Monster Cave ecosystem and lore. 

Those who wish to enter the “Monster Cave” must first have a source of light to see through the darkness of the cave. Once entering the official Monster Cave website and connect your wallet, it becomes apparent that a single torch isn’t enough. 

“The explorer has now entered the cave. There are some weird sounds here… I seem to have stepped on something, but the torch doesn’t seem to be bright enough… Requires a larger flame to see clearly.”

Those who own two torches are able to burn both of them in exchange for a Monster Cave Roasting Fire Pit. 

In addition to receiving the Roasting Firepit, those who burn two torches NFTs also receive 100 million $TORCH tokens. 

There is a post on Twitter regarding an investor selling 30 million $TORCH tokens in exchange for 0.63 ETH. 

The current floor price of Elder Torch sits at 0.27 ETH which is more than the cost of a Roasting Firepit because those who purchase them on OpenSea will not be receiving any $TORCH tokens which are required to continue to the rest of the lore as well as the future collections. 

Supply Count: 10,000

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.27 ETH

Website: https://0xd38.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xD38

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/REMc3QFNAB

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/project-0xd38

Project 0xD38

Project 0xD38 is a free-to-mint collection of 10k NFTs based on the lore of genetic experimentation.

 “After a global catastrophe, all animals went extinct. The remnants of humanity are trying to revive the animal world. But does everyone have such a goal in mind?”. 

Each of the 10k NFTs is currently an egg that is in the process of incubation. The reveal phase is scheduled to take place on July 13th at 6:00 pm UTC. 

Pranksy, one of the most well-known digital art collectors in the NFT space tweeted, “What is Project 0xD38 and why do I have loads on them?” 

Once that tweet occurred the floor peaked as high as 0.18 ETH. Currently, Pranksy’s official role or relationship to Project 0xD38 is unconfirmed. The floor price of Project 0xD38 sits at 0.12 ETH  at writing. 

Supply Count: 10,000

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.12 ETH

Website: https://0xd38.xyz/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/0xD38



Monster Cave – Roasting Firepit

‘Monster Cave – Roasting Firepit’ is the second collection from the Monster Cave team.

The only way to mint a “Roasting Firepit” NFT is by burning two Elder Torch NFTs.

In exchange for two elder torch NFTs, users can receive a Roasting Fire Pit NFT in addition to 100 million $TORCH tokens. 

Many users didn’t realize why the Roasting Firepit NFT cost less than a single Elder Torch NFT, but later the community caught on to the fact they would not be receiving any tokens for purchases on OpenSea. This led to the floor price of the Elder Torch collection pumping even more.

The floor price of Roasting Firepit NFTs costs 0.16 ETH at writing and the collection has seen more than 69 ETH worth of trade volume since launching less than 12 hours ago. 

Supply Count: 5,000

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.16 ETH

Website: https://monstercave.wtf/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/monstercave_wtf

Discord: No Discord

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/roasting-firepit

The Jews NFT

The Jews NFT is a free-to-mint collection of 3,333 Jewish Ape NFTs. Each of the NFTs resembles apes from BAYC, but with a Jewish twist. 

The project has no website or even a Discord server, but this didn’t stop the collection from minting out in less than 5 minutes. The project doesn’t seem to have a roadmap or any utility either making it a pure “degen play”.

The floor price of The Jews NFT sits at 0.01 ETH at writing, and the collection has seen more than 83 ETH worth of trade volume since its launch less than 24 hours ago. 

Supply Count: 3,333

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.01 ETH

Website: No Website

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheJews_Nft

Discord: No Discord



BagnerWTF is a free-to-mint collection of 6,969 2D avatar NFTs with various bags (such as paper bags and backpacks, etc) as facial traits. 

The project was launched over the weekend, and it was created by an anonymous group of five members.  

The team is very clear that they are a pure degen project without a community or any roadmap or utility. 

The Bagner collection has seen more than 709 ETH worth of trade volume since its launch and the floor price sits at 0.04 ETH at writing. 

Supply Count: 6,969

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.04 ETH

Website: https://www.bagner.wtf/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Bagnersnft

Discord: No Discord


The Saudis

The Saudis is a free-to-mint collection of 5,555 pixelated Saudis that grants holders access to exclusive channels on their Discord server as well as the “Sheikh” status/role. ‘

The Saudis’ is the most impressive NFT collection to launch over the weekend as it started a meta in a matter of days (more on this later).  

They currently have more than 120k members on their Discord server and more than 113k Twitter followers which is an incredible number for any project, let alone a free-to-mint one. 

Due to the success of ‘The Saudis’ collection, it brought about four other derivative projects which are trying to follow in its footsteps: The 2D Saudis, Baby Saudis, babysaudis (another collection but without a space in between), and Bored Saudis. 

The collection floor price hit a peak of 1.2 ETH earlier today, but since then the price has stabilized and the floor price sits at 0.68 ETH at writing. 

Supply Count: 10,000

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.68 ETH

Website: https://www.thesaudisnft.com/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/TheSaudisNFT

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/thesaudisnft

OpenSea: https://opensea.io/collection/thesaudis

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