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Top 10 Largest MAYC Sales

Have you ever wondered: What’s the largest amount of ETH paid for a MAYC NFT? If so, you’re in luck! We have compiled a list of the top 10 Mutant Ape sales of all time!

*Rankings are based on the amount of ETH exchanged, not USD. All rarity info was pulled from*

10. Mutant Ape # 3268: 110 ETH


Tenth on our list is this poor mutant, notably sporting the “M1 Bandolier” trait (1.29%) and the “Jovial” mouth (2.14%). Its largest rarity score boost is actually the silver stud earring despite being present in more than 6% of the collection. However, there’s nothing too crazy about this Mutant, as it only ranks at 9408 overall.

This one is a bit of a head-scratcher to be honest: the buyer paid a whopping 110 ETH @ $3400/ETH ($374,000) *less than 2 hours* after it was sold for just 25.81 ETH! Money laundering? Accident? Trickery? If there was no foul play involved, this was one of the most impressive quick flips we’ll probably ever see.

9. Mutant Ape # 28904: 112.5 ETH


Next on the list is this robot mutant with an array of super rare traits: M1 Space Suit (.84%), M1 Bored Unshaven Pipe (.74%), and M1 Laser Eyes (.58%). This excellent combination lands the mutant at # 5028 on the overall rarity ranking and makes it one of the rarest M1’s ever to exist.

It was purchased seven months ago for 112.5 ETH ($379,465 at the time of sale) by a well-known name in crypto: Chain CEO Deepak Thapliyal. It’s no surprise that Thapliyal laid down such a hefty sum of money for this one, as he’s been seen making huge purchases across the BAYC ecosystem.


8. Mutant Ape # 28905: 112.5 ETH

Does this next one feel a bit familiar? That’s because it shares the evolved traits from the last mutant; it is the M2 version of Mutant Ape # 28904! Its super rare traits include the M2 robot fur (.78%), M2 space suit (.36%), M2 Bored Unshaven Pipe (.32%), and M2 Laser Eyes (.38%), giving it a rarity rank of # 608.

Unsurprisingly, the buyer is the same as the last mutant: Deepak Thapliyal. He snagged this one on the same day for the same price: 112.5 ETH.

7. Mutant Ape # 6589: 115 ETH

Next we have another flowery space mutant, ranked at # 2139 in the collection. This M2 shares the same Space Suit as the previous one, while also wearing the M2 WW2 Pilot Helmet (.23%).

The big purchase of 115 ETH was made almost 1 year ago at the time of writing, while ETH was over $3800. It has since been reported for “suspicious activity” and remains frozen on OpenSea, which means this one may not be getting sold again anytime soon.

6. Mutant Ape # 3288: 120 ETH

If you’ve been following NFTs (particularly with BAYC), you may have noticed a trend of gold characters selling for big money. That trend continues with Mutant Ape # 3288, purchased for 120 ETH in August of 2021, which was worth around $390,000.

With the gold body being its rarest trait (.26%), this mutant also possesses the super rare M2 Leather Punk Jacket (.44%) and M2 Blue Beams (.3%). Its rarity rank is # 252.

5. Mutant Ape # 2931: 120 ETH

The 5th highest MAYC sale is yet another gold M2, but this one has an impressive array of rare traits: the M2 Fisherman’s Hat (.78%), the M2 Bored Pipe (.39%), and the M2 Cross earring (.55%). This combo ranks it at 25th overall for the collection.

The sale was made at the end of August 2021 to a user called “illestrater”. ETH was almost $3500 at the time, making this 120 ETH sale worth over $400,000. The buyer has been holding strong ever since.

4. Mutant Ape # 9209: 222 ETH

The final four sales in this top 10 list each share a unique but similar trait: they are all 1 of 1’s. For this reason, they are all ranked at # 1 in the collection. They are considered the “Mega Mutants” of the MAYC.

This first one was sold for a whopping 222 ETH, more than 100 ETH higher than the previous sale. This mutant is called “Mega Swamp” and has the exact features you would expect: a face and body that form a cascading swamp. The sale was made about a year ago, and the dollar value was more than $700,000!

3. Mutant Ape # 6957: 250 ETH

This next mega mutant goes by the name “Mega Jelly” as it fittingly sports a transparent jelly-like body surrounding its ape skeleton. The buyer paid a massive 250 ETH and goes by a familiar name: illestrater (owner of # 2931 discussed earlier on this list). At the time of the sale, this mutant cost them around $950,000!

2. Mutant Ape # 1796: 335 ETH

2nd on our list is this glowing mutant called “Mega Radioactive,” wearing a yellow hazmat suit overflowing with glowing green goo. Many followers of MAYC will immediately recognize this as one of the most incredible 1 of 1 pieces ever produced, which explains the stunning 335 ETH made approximately one year ago.

At the time of the sale, the mutant cost the buyer just over $1,000,000. It has since been transferred to a handful of wallets before eventually landing with a user called “”. This wallet holds an impressive collection of apes and mutants, including multiple 1 of 1s (# 9209 is among them).

1. Mutant Ape # 4849: 350 ETH

The number one highest mutant ape sale of all time goes to this devilish mega mutant known formally as “Mega Demon.” Probably one of the most badass mutants on the market, it comes equipped with multiple horns, glowing red eyes, jet black fur with a subtle golden glaze, and several piercings.

The sale was made to an anonymous buyer last August for 350 ETH, which came out to a staggering $1.12M! It is currently listed for 8888 ETH, which at the time of writing is just over $16M.


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