The Best Tools To Make Money With NFTs in 2022

October 7, 2022


NFTs have completely revolutionized the world of digital ownership. More and more people are getting into NFTs, making it difficult for investors to find the right non-fungible asset to invest in. NFTs have the power to change lives, as we have seen from the lucrative opportunities that present themselves on a weekly and even daily basis. 

Here is a list of the latest and best NFT tools of 2022 in a wide range of categories that will help you navigate the world of NFTs to help you stay a few steps ahead of the competition. In other words, work smarter, not harder, by keeping these tools in your arsenal. 

NFT Analytics

You can use these tools for finding the current trends in the NFT space as they occur.


Dune Analytics offers thousands of customized dashboards built by community members that track metrics for specific NFT projects. 


NFTGo looks into the most popular and trending collections, floor prices, average sales, current holder totals, blue chip potentials, and more.

NFT Onchained

NFTGo looks into the most popular and trending collections, floor prices, average sales, current holder totals, blue chip potentials, and more.


Tools for Preparing for Upcoming Drops

Use these tools to learn and research NFT projects before they are released.


View a list of NFT projects that are upcoming and minting on various networks all under one roof. 


View a list of upcoming NFT projects and minting on various networks under one roof, along with each project’s social media info, such as their Twitter followers and Discord member count.

WGMI Media

WGMI Media offers one of the most detailed NFT Project calendars, along with important project information that is often difficult to find. WGMI Media also provides some of the best project rating systems in the NFT space.


Blue-Chip NFT Tracking

Track the floor price of blue-chip NFTs, find the next blue-chip NFT collection, and more.

The Nifty

Floor Finder

Browse floor prices of some of your favorite NFT collections by trait, see the % listed in one glance, and find potential opportunities on the fly.

Rarity Tracker for NFTs

Rarity trackers help you to find the rare traits for each collection and help you to snipe the ones that are selling for less than the average floor price. 

Rarity Tools


Trait Sniper

Trait Sniper is similar to rarity sniper, except it comes with even more additional features. Access the free version, or get a premium subscription depending on your individual needs.


Buy NFTs in Bulk and Save On Gas Fees

Trading tools such as Genie Sweep allows you to snipe NFTs in bulk and refunds your gas if any NFTs are sold while you are trying to purchase.

Genie Sweep



NFT Nerds combines rarity tracking with massive bidding and other additional features that will help you purchase NFTs quicker than others. It will also display how much gas the purchaser has set so you can set your gas prices and priority settings higher to ensure that you purchase the NFT and not your competition.


All of the trading tools we covered will help you navigate your way through the world of NFTs and give you an edge when trading. 

To summarize, we’ve covered various NFT analytics tools to help you study the NFT market and the various trends as they occur in real-time. We’ve covered upcoming mint calendars to help you learn about projects before they drop. We’ve also looked at various trading tools to help you sift through various NFT collections to purchase the rarest NFTs for the least amount of money. Lastly, let’s not forget about tools such as GenieSweep that will help you purchase NFTs in bulk while saving on gas fees. 

All the tools mentioned above in this article will assist you in becoming a better trader. In the future, we will release more articles that will cover additional tools that we may have missed or haven’t had a chance to cover. Stay on the lookout for our future updates, and always remember to practice vigilance and due diligence because knowledge is power.

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