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TikTok Star Khaby Lame Announced as New Binance Global Ambassador

Binance has hired TikTok megastar Khaby Lame as its new global brand ambassador. Lame will post content which simplifies complex crypto-related problems.

In an effort to reduce the barriers of entry that many people face when trying to enter the Web3 space, crypto exchange Binance has hired TikTok megastar Khaby Lame to serve as its new global brand ambassador.  

As you may already know, Lame amassed his 145 million followers on the social media platform by posting sarcastic videos which simplify overly-complicated solutions that have been posted by do-it-yourself content creators. 

In keeping on-brand with such a premise, and with the help of his signature ‘palms up’ pose, Lame will work with Binance to create content that debunks and clears up the myths and misconceptions that surround the Web3 space. Here, the crypto exchange hopes Lame’s relatability and mass appeal will attract a new and untapped base of users to the platform.

In the future, and once a new consumer base is realised, Binance’s onboarding of Lame will also see the launch of a collaborative NFT collection based on the social media star. 

Watch Lame’s announcement of his new role here. 


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