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The Possessed

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Mint Details

Public Raffle

June 14th – 16th

Mint Date 

June 30



Mint Price 

Allowlist: 0.25 ETH 

Public: 0.35 ETH

Mint Limit 

1 mint per wallet

Possessed Public Raffle  (Open until June 16th):

What is The Possessed (PSSSSD)?

Possessed is a collection of 10,000 fully animated NFTs created by two fully doxxed artists, @whoami and @Whatthefurr. The duo behind the Possessed NFT project is trying to create a new kind of PFP collection animated, generative, and driven by a unique concept.

Story / Background

Tom and Joe have been meaning to collaborate for the longest time, but it wasn’t until they both fell in love with the NFT space that it felt like the perfect combination of the right time, right skill set, and the right medium. Joe and Tom discussed various concepts for a few weeks before Joe shared his first character prototype with Tom on 01.01.2022, and the Possessed project was born. Since then, the duo team has been working on finalizing their 10k collection, and they are preparing for their launch, which is expected to take place shortly. 

Utility / Roadmap

Every Possessed NFT will include a fully animated character with 2 static PFPs – one of each state (Blessed and Possessed). Holders will be able to select which state they want to use as the display for their PFP.  

The current roadmap and utilities that will be attached to these NFTs are still under development and the team has announced they will be releasing a roadmap of future experiences – that will be shared in the coming weeks.


Tom and Joe have significant experience with traditional marketing and brand creation. 

Tom: One of the co-founders, is semi-doxxed, and he is the creator behind ‘Hubble’, an Internet company that helps customers create and manage their online workspace.
Joe: is a pseudo-doxxed artist and the co-creator behind ‘The Possessed’. He is also the founder of a digital identity and brand creation company, Point.Studio.
Gigi: An undoxxed dev, has worked on other successful projects such as Invisible Friends and currently garners a large following from notable projects and influencers in the NFT Space.


The Possessed team have demonstrated expert marketing for generating demand, hype, and FOMO for their project. They have a closed Discord server that allows a few people to enter each day, but only if they actively participate in their gamified entry process. Those that seek to enter their Discord server will have 15 minutes at a specified time over 24 hours to request entry as a clinical ‘test subject’ for their experiments. Entering their server requires active engagement and participation from each member. In addition to that, the team has also been running story competitions for whitelist giveaways to get even more direct engagement from their community.  The Team has chosen to focus on quality over quantity when it comes to collaborations. They allowed access to various holders of these high-profile NFT collections, which was a brilliant move to weed out many traders and flippers who were just out for quick profits.  The Possessed currently has more than 226k followers on Twitter and more than 25k members online on their Discord server, making this one of the most hyped projects yet to launch. They have held many Twitter Spaces events as part of their regular marketing efforts, and they seem to have a strong grasp on their marketing strategy.  


The Posssessed Team has been choosing quality over quantity when it comes to collaborations with various projects. They have only been partnering with highly respected NFT projects with large communities while carefully coordinating their marketing efforts to create an incredible amount of hype surrounding their own project (more information is provided in the marketing section below).  Alien Frens – Customized Possessed Outbreak animated NFT teaser for Alien Frens and Discord access for Alien Frens holders. Tasty Bones x PSSSSD – Customized Possessed Outbreak animated NFT teaser for Tasty Bones and Discord access for Tasty Bones holders.  Shamanzs x PSSSSD – Discord Access for Shamanzs holders Cryptomories x PSSSSD – Customized Possessed Outbreak animated NFT teaser for Cryptomories and Discord access to Cryptomories holders.  Invisible Friends – Customized Possessed Outbreak animated NFT teaser for IF and Discord access to Invisible Friends holders.


Bullish Case

The Possessed is a well-respected and revered NFT project with a lot of hype and momentum. The team behind this project is extremely proficient at marketing, and there is no question that this project is likely to sell out without much difficulty in no time.


A few days back, a high-profile NFT project, Akutar, lost 34 million dollars due to a bug in their smart contract… There always needs to be reservations regarding the mint phase and the smart contracts because anything can happen. Thankfully, the Possessed team is working directly with a well-respected and experienced dev who is also the dev behind Invisible Friends so there is little cause for concern, although nothing is guaranteed. 

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