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The Metaverse That Is Offering Real-life Utilities

Real utility is becoming more and more important to NFT collectors. The EVVELAND Metaverse is offering exactly that. Read on to learn more.

If you have never heard of EEVELAND, then let me explain. EEVELAND is a “business Metaverse” with real-world applications such as smart venues, environmental initiatives, and more. Being business-oriented, EVVELAND hopes to cater to creators, universities, professionals, digital artists, event organizers, and corporations, providing them with a place to run professional events.


EVVELAND is currently preparing to launch its first NFT collection. On July 20th at 10:00am EST, EVVELAND will launch its first limited collection of 200 NFTs for Whitelisted members only. The public sale will take place on August 3rd. 



Essentially,  owning a EVVELAND NFT permits you to acquire and own a smart venue in its Metaverse. This smart venue can be used for business events, and you can also “rent it, stake it and monetize it right away”. The smart venue comes with many tools such as ticketing, sponsors, chats, video streaming, etc. One of the aims is to help users to generate passive and active incomes through its NFT. 

The smart venues come in different tiers, bronze to platinum. Each tier comes as a different package and each step up will come with different capabilities and additional perks such as more skins (aesthetics). 


How Much Will It Cost? 

The cost will vary depending on the package. The basic bronze NFT will mint for 0.75 ETH, whereas a platinum package will cost as much at 5 ETH. The silver and gold fall in between at 1.5 ETH and 3 ETH. 


Is It Worth It?

Naturally, with such a high mint price, we will question whether it will be worth it? Unfortunately, I don’t have the answer. What I can say though, is that the executive team do appear to be very experienced. The utility offered is highly unique, and could potentially catch on if marketed to the right audience. 

EVVELAND has some plans in store for the future such as launching an environmental initiative that will involve local communities in reforestation programs. At face value, it appears that it has good intentions and is planning for the future. I’ll be watching from the sidelines and observing how this one plays out. 


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