Square Enix to Launch Final Fantasy Merch With Accompanying NFTs

Square Enix and Enjin have teamed up to release NFTs based on the Final Fantasy franchise. The NFTs will come with physical cards and toys.

After delving into multiple Web3-centric initiatives over the past year (which are partly funded by the sale of its Tomb Raider franchise), Japanese gaming publisher Square Enix is now teaming with blockchain gaming company Enjin to launch NFTs based on its PlayStation original game, Final Fantasy VII. 


The first NFT installment from the partnership, which is expected to drop in the spring of next year, will come through 6-card packs of Final Fantasy trading cards. Each pack will cost $4 and will come with a code that can be redeemed on Enjinu2019s Efinity platform in order to receive a Polkadot blockchain-residing Final Fantasy NFT card. 


Later on, in November 2023, limited edition action figures of Cloud Strife, the franchiseu2019s protagonist, will launch. As with the trading cards, the figures will come with a code that can be redeemed in order to receive an NFT thatu2019ll serve as a certificate of authenticity. The figures will also come in a more expensive u2018Digital Plus Edition,u2019 which will include an extra code that will grant owners an exclusive NFT digital replica of the figure.



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