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Sleep-2-Earn: The Latest Avenue of Web3 Revenue Generation

Web3 company The Snuggle Squad is launching a new ‘Sleep-2-Earn’ concept that’ll see users be rewarded for having good sleeping and rest habits.

The latest concept to be born out of the realm of Web3 is ‘Sleep-2-Earn,’ which, as its name suggests, offers those involved the opportunity to earn rewards whilst doing what they love to do best. 

Developed by the aptly named ‘The Snuggle Squad,’ the concept involves rewarding its members for healthy sleep and rest habits with ‘Zzzs’ points. Such points will be awarded at a variable rate which depends on the user’s account type, streak, number of ‘Chets’ held, mode of operation, rarity, traits, and more. 

From here, Zzzs points can be used to; buy The Snuggle Squad merchandise, receive access to additional audio and actives in the project’s app, bid on access to the project’s whitelist, mint, and trade NFTs, join raffles, trade with verified community creators for their services, and eventually, buy and sell Zzzs tokens on Solana DEXs.

Initially, Sleep-2-Earn will reward users for healthy sleep habits based on device activity and bedtime alarms set. As progress in software and hardware is made, such reward structure will expand into accurately tracking users via wearables (although having your biometrics tracked will never be made mandatory).

As with other eccentric Web3 concepts such as move-to-earn, sustainability is a key area of concern for the project. As per its outline of the concept (where you can also find out more about its intricacies and reward structure), generating mass mainstream adoption from non-crypto users appears to be its chosen avenue of direction when it comes to achieving long-term success and utility.

Find out more about the project and its roadmap here.



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