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July 8


7,777 (7,000 WL and 777 Public)

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1 per wallet

What is Shrouded Playgrounds?

According to the team, Shrouded Playground is a lifestyle-based art, utilizing a collection of open-minded mavericks, eccentrics, and gangsters to take over the Solana playground.

The team aims to create the best art project on the Solana network that everyone could be proud of as a collective community. From blue-chip traders to first-time NFT collectors, the Shrouded Playgrounds team intends to prioritize art and community building above all else. 

Shrouded Playgrounds will be a free mint for those who hold and stake their ‘Shroud NFTs‘ which is a separate genesis collection. 


Merch & Clothing
This has been in development for years and it’s only the best quality merchandise and clothing. There will be many ways on the playground to get free as well as discounted items. (beta merch site).

SHROUD staking platform has already been developed for SHROUD holders and will give 20%+ mint revenue and 20%+ continuous royalty payments to holders in SOL alongside other benefits

The team will be hosting daily and weekly raffles for NFT’s, SOL, real world gift cards (Amazon, Apple etc), Merch, Events (World Cup tickets, Hotels, Flights, Art exhibitions, etc.)

Gift boxes
$PLAY can be spent on opening Shrouded Playground’s gift boxes all with guaranteed prizes from as little as 0.1 sol up to 100sol or even your favorite NFT, merch, and more 

The lead artist will continue working on custom pieces that can be won through raffles and gift boxes as well as auctions, with 40% of the proceeds going straight back to the community And 20% going to UCLH Macmillan Cancer Centre. We are dedicated to giving back to the community.
The official Shrouded Playgrounds website will be released in the coming days alongside the SHROUD staking platform. – Launchpad – Wallet Submission


Immediate Utility:

  • One Free Shrouded Playground NFT airdrop of the main collection

Future Utility:

  • Airdrop of future collections
  • 20% Mint revenue and 20% royalties from the main collection
  • Free raffle entries
  • Ability to vote on  future project decisions
  • Discounted and free limited merch


The Shrouded Playgrounds team is not doxxed publicly, but their identities are known amongst themselves according to their official Discord server. The founder of the project goes by the name “Risky” and he has mentioned that he has prior blockchain experience working for a previous launchpad, but the exact specifics are not publicly available at the time of writing. 


Bullish case

The Shrouded Playgrounds team has been great at building out their community and paying attention to their individual community members. They’ve previously implemented a Discord system where anyone can join the “waiting room” while they waited to gain entry (which took place once every few weeks). Using this method they have been able to grow their Discord server to close to 99k members, and their Twitter follower count to more than 137.7k at the time of writing. 


The information surrounding the founders and the team behind Shrouded Playground is still being kept under wraps even though the mint date will be in less than 24 hours. The team boasts prior blockchain experience it is uncertain why their previous launchpad experience as well as the name of the project they were previously involved with is not shared publicly. There has also been a bit of FUD in the Shrouded Playground Discord server of people complaining that the developers of Shrouded Playgrounds ended up leaving their previous projects in the dust although this information has not been officially confirmed. 

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