Project GodJira Voted Strongest NFT Community

October 11, 2022

During the bear market where not much is happening and engagement is low, it’s essential for us Web3 addicts to find other ways of having fun. Here at WGMI, the team found the perfect solution. 

Beginning on September 14th 2022, the WGMI Media Twitter page kicked off a “which community is the strongest” knockout tournament, which sparked a little healthy competition between friends. 

The rules of the tournament were simple, two communities went head to head and then people would vote via a poll for the community of their choice. In the beginning, the purpose of the tournament was to genuinely discover which communities were still here during this ‘winter’, and also to have fun of course. 

However, OpenSea quickly caught on and wanted to up the ante. “Whoever wins 1st place overall gets featured on the homepage”, OpenSea’s official Twitter page commented on one of the rounds. All of a sudden, the stakes had become much higher. 

There were many bloodbaths and the rounds were close, but Project GodJira ended up claiming the top spot. 

Out of nowhere, this tournament had gained the interest of many, and all eyes were on deck. Not only had OpenSea got involved, but many project founders, notable names and influencers including Sneaky Ninja PantsKevin Susanto9gagceo (Memeland)Wab.eth (Sappy Seals)Shan (Project Godjira) and more. 

Though the competition was fun, the real story here was seeing how the communities came together in such an uncertain time for NFTs. Hilarious memes, jokes, and banter flowed in the comments sections, and the overall vibe was an uplifting one (for a change). There are even murmurs of a potential collab between Mfers and GodJira resulting from the tournament.

There were many rounds and some were more exciting than others. Let’s take a look at the top 5 highlights. 


#1 Round 3 

Round 3 consisted of Memeland vs Goblintown. While this round didn’t receive the most likes, retweets or comments, there is only one reason which brings this round to the all star list of highlights. Memeland’s community truly smashed Goblintown’s, but in true Memeland style, the results were 69.3% to 30.7%. Whether the number 69 here was deliberate or a coincidence, we’ll never know. That’s just how Memeland rolls. 

#2 Round 12

Round 12 is where Mfers and Llamaverse went head to head. While there is nothing extraordinary about this round in terms of memes, engagement or a coincidence (or not), the reason this round makes the list is because it’s the most dominant win. Mfers absolutely destroyed Llamaverse by a whooping 76.1% to 23.9%. Perhaps the llamas were too busy touching and/or grazing grass to be involved. 

#3 Round 6

Round 6, a very close round where Gutter Cat Gang took on Invisible friends. The two communities battled hard, but Invisible Friends came out on top with 53.3% compared to Gutter Cat Gang’s 46.7%. You may think that there is nothing unique about these results, but if we look closer, this is round where OpenSea agreed to the homepage feature. Additionally, by far the best meme made an appearance here.

#4 Round 8

Round 8, where Llamaverse took on the infamous Bored Ape Yacht Club. The results may actually surprise you… BAYC got absolutely smoked. Llamaverse took an impressive 71.9% of votes and the BAYC a not so impressive 28.1%. There is no other reason to highlight this round other than the fact that BAYC didn’t actually come out on top for the first time ever. For those of you who have been into NFTs for a while, you’ll know that the BAYC community often wins, so let’s enjoy this small moment. 

#5 The Championship Round     

The ultimatum and the moment that we had all been waiting for. In the final, the two strongest communities that had made it through the trenches had finally arrived at the final battleground. The two goliaths were Project GodJira and the Mfers, and the head to head couldn’t have been any closer! Both communities fought long and hard, the comments sections were flooded and the memes/jokes were on point. 

In the end, there could only be one winner. Project GodJira engaged with its inner Godzilla and was able to take down its cartoon opponents, but only just. Not only was this the final round, but it was also one of the closest rounds out of the entire tournament. Project GodJira edged just a few percent ahead of Mfers and the final outcome was 51.1% to 48.9%, meaning that Project GodJira is currently being featured on OpenSea.

A hard fought battle. Many thanks to all the communities involved, and a special thanks to OpenSea for upping the ante.


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