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Polygon Welcomes 48 In-Need Terra-Based Projects to its Network 

Projects built on the Terra network are now migrating to Ethereum Layer 2 protocol Polygon, where they will receive capital and resources in order to regrow.

A reported 48 (and counting) projects that have been built on the now-bottomed Terra Network have migrated to Polygon. 

In relocating to the Ethereum Layer 2 protocol, the projects, which include the likes of NFT marketplace OnePlanet and metaverse game Derby Stars, will receive influxes of capital and resources in order to get them back on their feet. 

As per the personal words of the company’s CEO Ryan Wyatt, the mass migration has come after Polygon expressed its deep desire to help projects that have been affected by Terra’s plummeting. In speaking on the exodus, Wyatt also alluded to the importance of building projects on Ethereum Virtual Machine-compatible chains in order to avoid ever having to rebuild from the very bottom. 

As expected, the in-question firms have taken to social media to show gratitude towards the good-willed gesture. Wyatt also expects the list of its helped projects to continue growing.


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