Over 100 Countries to Receive NFT Functionality on Instagram

Meta is expanding NFT functionality on its Instagram subsidiary to over 100 countries.

Meta is rolling out NFTs across 100 different countries via its subsidiary Instagram. The endeavour is being supported through the integration of Coinbase Wallet and Dapper.

The announcement stated that the NFTs would reside on the Flow blockchain, leading to the $FLOW token surging in price by 44% over the past 24 hours.

The expansion, which comes two months after the company first launched NFTs to select users in the USA, will allow collectors from all corners of the earth to showcase their NFTs in Meta’s photo-sharing service. Information on assets’ owner and the original creator will also be included in the showcasing.

To celebrate the launch, Meta’s infamous CEO Mark Zuckerburg shared an amusing, soon-to-be-NFT image of himself as a child in baseball clothing.


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