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Otherside Metaverse Project to Host Two ‘Loads Tests’ Before ‘First Trip’ Tech Demo

The Otherside metaverse will be hosting two load tests in the lead up to its 'First Trip' test demo next week.

Yuga Labs have announced that ‘The First Trip,’ which serves as the inaugural stage in launching its upcoming ‘Otherside’ metaverse project, will initiate its tech demo on July 16th, with preliminary ‘loads tests’ to take place on July 6th and July 9th. 

The two ‘load tests’ will see 3000 initial participants be given access to the game, where from there, 1000 more participants will be added every 2-3 minutes until a ‘breaking point’ of users is observed. In using the data from such tests, the project’s developers ‘Improbable’ will be able to optimise the user experience levels of the ‘First Trip’ test demo. 

Such tests, as well as the ‘First Trip’ test demo, will only be able to feature desktop and laptop users in North America and Europe who hold at least one Otherdeed NFT. That being said, to compensate for such a lack of international inclusion, each of the events will host live streams for Voyagers (Otherdeed NFT holders) to view, where in doing so, they will also become eligible to receive the rewards that’ll be handed out throughout the events. 

As per its description on the project’s Obelisk tab, ‘The First Trip’ tech demo will be a ‘celebration of what’s to come and an opportunity for Voyagers to gather, explore, and plan’.


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