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NFT Offers Lifetime Access To Netflix And Spotify

Owning a Revuto Revulution NFT will provide lifetime access to both Spotify and Netflix. Here’s how it works.

Many NFT tokens often come with a utility, some are good and some are useless. If you like NFTs with a real world utility, then the Revulution NFT by Revuto might be of interest to you. Those who hold a Revulution NFT will be provided with a lifetime subscription to both Spotify and Netflix. 


First, What Is Revuto? 

Revuto is a startup company which has developed an app to manage subscriptions in order to help users save money. The website claims that they are “saving your time, energy and money by completely redefining the subscription management experience”. It has received more than 3 million early sign ups, raised of $10 million, has more than 300k registered users and over 50k crypto wallets registered. Pretty impressive huh? 


How Will Revuluition NFTs Work?

Revuto has partnered up with Railsr and to give Revulution NFT holders a digital debit card. This debit card will then be used to pay for Netflix and/or Spotify subscriptions. This is something that is already doing successfully, so it’s nothing groundbreaking. However, having more variety and more options may help reach a wider audience. 


A Revulution NFT will cost $349. If we do the math, then we know that $349 is the price of about 18 months of both Netflix and Spotify. If you subscribe to both platforms and do not have any plans to cancel your subscription, then purchasing one of these NFTs would be a huge money saver. In addition, if you decide to stop watching Netflix or listening to Spotify, you can simply sell the card on the secondary market or send it to someone else. It’s a win win!  


Revolution NFTs could be leading the charge with regards to how subscriptions are handled. More information on how to buy and subscribe can be found on Revuto’s website.



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