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NFT Fashion: Cool Cats x The Hundreds

NFT project Cool Cats has recently collaborated with street wear fashion brand The Hundreds. Here’s what you need to know.

Despite the current bear market, NFTs are a relatively new phenomenon which continue to gain traction around the globe. As a result, more and more fashion brands are exploring NFT technology and collaborating with existing NFT projects to step into the wonderful world of Web3. In the last year, there have been a myriad of fashion brands, ranging from streetwear to luxury ones, which have partnered up with projects to release merchandise or to integrate NFT technology into their operations in one form or another.

If this is new news to you, then let me give you some examples. Earlier this year, a very successful NFT collection called Karafuru teamed up with contemporary fashion and streetwear brand Hyperbeast, and renowned Japanese sneaker boutique Atmos, to launch its 3D collection. More recently, American Eagle, an American lifestyle clothing brand teamed up with Wonder PalsLittle LemonsStarcatchers and The Littles to launch a NFT clothing range on its website.

Following this trend, the latest “community-based streetwear” fashion brand to hop on the bandwagon is The Hundreds. On August 15th 2022, The Hundreds Tweeted announcing that it is “up to something” with Coolcats. It also posted on Instagram at the same time and really solidified the partnership by changing its Instagram bio to “The Hundreds X Cool Cats coming soon.” While there is limited concrete information on exactly what the collaboration will bring, there have already been a few leaked sneak peeks on the social media platforms which appear to have been well received by the community.

Although this is The Hundreds first official collaboration which will feature an actual NFT collection, it is certainly a brand which is familiar with Web3 as it has existing partnerships. The Hundreds appears to have capitalized on the early mover advantage. By browsing through its Linktree, it becomes evident that The Hundreds have been involved in Web3 and NFTs for some time now. Previously, it has released an entire “winter 2021 NFT” collection which currently sits at a floor price of 0.2 ETH, an NFT inspired shirt collection, a The Hundreds x Ledger Black Nano X product and more.

The clothing drop is teased to be released “this week”. A Tweet from Adam Bomb Squad states  that the exlusive pieces will be available for the communities of Adam Bomb Squad, Cool Cats and Cool Pets Holders. The general consensus surrounding the launch has been largely positive, BAYC holder and notable name in the NFT space Adam Hollander Tweeted saying “That hoodie. Must. Own. Immediately” and many others have said something similar.

However, just like with anything in this space, opinions are mixed, and voiced. Some people have outlined that Cool Cats has experienced a huge drop in value over the last few months, insinuating that nobody cares. Also, others are complaining that there are “much smaller projects who give free T-shirts and post to holders”, but Cool Cats x The Hundreds are charging.

As we all know, it’s impossible to please everybody, especially in the NFT space where people have free reign to express their opinion publicly. Saying this, the overall consensus is positive, and this is yet another bullish event that is slowly edging us closer and closer to mass adoption. As time goes on, more and more brands are realizing the potential of Web3 technology and getting involved. Surely it’s only a matter of time now!


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