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In this WGMI Spotlight, we take a deep dive into Mystics' story, team and marketing strategy. We set out our bullish case and our reservations.

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What is Mystics?

Mystics is an upcoming NFT collection featuring 5,000 animated characters including the likes of a running ninja, a sneaky astronaut and an alien floating through the air in a genie pose. At a glance, it could very easily be mistaken as an Invisible Friend’s airdrop or derivative. Mystic’s Twitter bio openly states that the project is inspired by Markus Magnusson’s ‘blue chip’ NFT, Invisible Friends. The artwork itself is attractive, leaning heavily toward a bright and bold, cartoony aesthetic with a focus more on a fuller color palette rather than intricate details. As of now, unfortunately, there is little more information other than what can be found on Twitter. However, the project is incredibly hyped with an impressive 181.1K followers despite having only Tweeted a total of 39 times and without providing information on the utility, roadmap or long term ambition of the project.

Story / Background 

The founder of Mystics has made no secret of their admiration for the animated artwork of Markus Magnusson. The founder has shared dialogue between themselves and the Swedish illustrator ensuring there would be no issues, specifically with the sneaky walk cycle from Markus and his client, Motion Design School. Outside of this inspiration, there is very little information on how the project came to be. Mystics founder Third Age has hinted on Twitter that Mystics would like to be the first brand to successfully execute dope clothing and collectable drops for the Web3 community. With a targeted launch release date in May, it shouldn’t be too long of a wait until we get some concrete information.


Nothing official has been announced from Mystics in regards to the utility of its upcoming NFT drop. However, the founder has hinted that clothing and collectables will be involved in some form. Mystic’s Twitter account, as well as lead animator Brad Eaton, have also teased a trait machine for the project – allowing us to have some form of control over the traits we receive for our custom characters. Ultimately though, it is still unclear how this will be incorporated into Mystics. 


No details on the roadmap have been revealed at this current time so all we can do is speculate. There have been multiple mentions of a “Serum” throughout its social activity which is a clear clue. However, at the moment, all we can do is be patient and wait for confirmation. 


The team at Mystics consists of six members, one of which being doxxed.


Founder – Third Age

Third Age is the founding member of Mystics and extremely open regarding the influence Invisible Friends has had on the project. Outside of this, there is little information regarding his/her background or previous projects he/she has been involved in, if any. 


Lead Trait Artist – Grood

Apart from a small portfolio on Dribble, there is very little information on this Russian based artist. 


Trait Artist – Kitchenzky

Kritchenzky’s Instagram account showcases their artwork. Apart from this there is very little information on them.


Lead Animator – Brad Eaton

The only doxxed member of the team, Brad, is a specialist in motion design and runs his own business, Eaton Design, offering his skillset to individuals and organizations. Based in the USA, it is unclear if this is his first NFT project. However, looking at his work history alongside the animations for Mystics, it’s clear he’s a talented animator. 


Animator – Patolin

Patolin’s portfolio can be viewed on Behance which does seem to showcase any work on other NFT projects. Other than this, very little information is available on him.


Community Lead – Owari

Owari is responsible for the community, currently exclusive to Twitter. However once the Discord server opens, it can be assumed that the role will become far more prominent. Owari also provides alpha via the Prosperity Discord server.


Looking through its short and sweet Twitter feed which consists of only 39 Tweets, Mystics has yet to collaborate with other projects or individuals. It’s safe to assume that as more details are released to us, we will begin to see collaborations and partnerships appear as is the norm in this day and age.

Marketing / Community

Despite its relatively drip fed marketing style averaging only a tweet every other day or so, Mystics seem to have a quality community bubbling away. Engagement is strong, particularly when Whitelist spots are up for grabs with upwards of 25k replies from those eager for the opportunity for first mint. While currently it is unclear what methods outside of Twitter will be applied to scale the community, Mystics has committed to a zero grinding culture, stating that interactions are monitored. The founder has claimed to have found a solution to the “extremely degrading” 18 hour daily grinds for WL spots. Hopefully we won’t have long to wait until the Discord server is up and running and more information is provided. What can be concluded is that with minimal marketing, the project and community is looking very, very healthy.


Bullish case

It’s very easy to be bullish when examining Mystics. It is, after all, a project that stays very close to its inspiration – Invisible Friends. The hype around it seems to be snowballing despite minimal marketing efforts. With more information to come soon via website and Discord, it’s safe to assume that anticipation will only continue to build and the community will easily gain another hundred thousand or two at least. There will also be plenty of potential traders and investors suffering from levels of FOMO after watching and missing out on Invisible Friends dominating the walking narrative, with this being seen as their second chance. As will those that profited from the ‘blue chip’ project at launch.

Whilst little is known about what the future holds for Mystics, founder Third Age has said all the right things and influential people in the space (including WGMI Media’s very own Kosher Plug and BentoBoi) are followers of the project.


Outside of the obvious concerns such as lack of information, there is very little potential concern (for now at least). In his own words back in March, Third Age tweeted the following: “Bring back old NFT communities man, people being brought together through genuine passion and excitement about art. Now I feel like too many people are faking it for a whitelist – possible solution? Quality art. Gamified raffle release. Low mint cost”. With this in mind, it would take a monumental disaster to derail the project – but until we get an idea on the utility and roadmap, we cannot be absolutely sure. 

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