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05/26/2022, 1:00 pm EST



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1.8 SOL

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What is Moonly?

Moonly is an NFT platform for the Solana Network that helps to find the next great project to invest in. It comes with a set of tools that are currently under development which will help investors take their NFT investment game to the next level. Many of the tools being developed are purposefully being kept under wraps to prevent competitors from stealing ideas from the Moonly team. Some of the tools that will be available are listed below:

Description of Moonly Tools

  • Discover new projects that have blue-chip potential 
  • Perform social media audits to check if the hype is real or if bots are being used
  • Monitor marketplaces: floor price, volume, numbers listed, etc. 
  • Monitor smart-money and whale wallets
  • Chrome Extension access to assist with research 
  • NFT price alerts when they fall above or below a set price
  • Mint day reminders for important NFT projects
  • Bot access to help automatically buy or sell based on the conditions you set
  • Includes a mobile app

And more…


Below is a copy of the Moonly Roadmap which details what the team has already built as well as their future plans to upgrade the Moonly platform. Additional information and specifics can be found directly on the Official Moonly Whitepaper.

“We vow to not write useless milestones like “created Discord channel” or similar ones. We have a proper plan with real goals in place, but we will be upfront in saying that we don’t want to give away a ton of details.

Why so mysterious? Because this space is super competitive. Revealing ideas, details, and findings before features are built can kill a project. We have to adapt to changes that we see in other projects as well! An example of this is how a few months back many projects offered minting bots so users could have a better chance of successfully minting, but now those projects are mostly dead due to whitelist (WL) meta – being automatically approved for a mint.

We don’t want to overpromise, so here is an outline of what we’ve built so far and the direction we’re going.”

Progress of What’s Already Built

  • Moonly v1 prototype – upcoming NFT aggregator for Solana
  • Moonly v2 brings new features below Social stats checker – check daily growth of Discord and Twitter, up/down trends for any NFT project in our database
  • Monitoring market data like FP, listed number, volume, 24h, 7days trends, and more
  • Charts and visualizations
  • Auto-update for market data – get a sound notification anytime there is a change in market data for an NFT project you’re watching. No more manual page refreshing!
  • Alerts – get alert notifications when certain conditions are met (ex. “alert me when DeGods floor price goes above 100 SOL”)
  • NFT pixel art – we partnered with a great designer to create beautiful art for Moonly
  • Moonly explainer video for promotion and collaboration

Future Developments:

  • Mint manager – a better place to manage projects and whitelists. ( ex. a mint reminder will notify you multiple times before an important mint happens)
  • Portfolio management – track, manage and get automated alerts notifications when there are big movements in collections you hold
  • Mobile app – Moonly’s web app is already mobile-friendly, but converting to a mobile app gives a better user experience and it’s just a few taps away
  • More blockchains – since we have our framework ready, we’ll add other major blockchains that have a solid NFT economy (ex. Ethereum, Cardano, Near, Terra)
  • Discord bots and tools that will be used by NFT projects – since most of the actions are happening on Discord, it’s important to have the right tools to help founders run communities better
  • Browser add-on/extension for Chrome, Firefox, Brave – this add-on will bring you Moonly analytical data and tools while you’re visiting marketplaces, Twitter, and other sites, so you can always have data on the go
  • Wallet tracker – see where the “smart money” or “whales” go so you can discover projects worth investing in
  • Automations aka bots – we’re talking about the good ones that do no harm, not minting bots
  • NFT sniper tool – which will use the power of automation to catch the good opportunities automatically
  • Our own RPC – for on-chain analysis without the limitation of third-party (think of SSC or Node Monkey)
  • NFT burner – similar to NFTabs, you burn/merge 2 or more Moonly NFTs into 1 to get access to premium features and benefits
  • And many more things that will come from the need and natural evolution of the NFT space


The Moonly project seems to be a one-man team as the only public information about the team is regarding the founder, Stefan Smiljkovic who is fully doxxed. Below is a link to Smiljkovic’s official website where he lists his personal resume as well as all of the projects he has been a part of and/or is working on. He is also the founder of “Automatio”, an automation tool platform that allows users to be able to extra data from any website visually without having to write a single line of code. 

Stefan Smiljkovic (Fully Doxxed Founder and Developer) 

LinkedIn Profile

Twitter Page  


Bullish case

Moonly has ambitious goals to become the premiere trading tool to be used in the Solana ecosystem. The Ethereum Network has seen a huge wave of trading tool meta projects that ended up doing incredibly well, and there are only a limited amount of trading tools available on Solana which presents an incredible opportunity for Moonly to take advantage of. It is reassuring to see that the founder/dev of Moonly is fully doxxed with plenty of experience under his tool belt. In addition, we are potentially seeing the onset of Solana Summer and Moonly is the perfect platform that investors can use to get a leg up over their competition on the Solana Network. 


The Moonly platform and trading tools are still in the process of development, and it is expected to be released within the coming weeks. Many traders are eager to lock in their profits in order to be on the safe side while the NFT space and the financial markets are showing bearish sentiment. There is a good chance that the floor price of the Moonly collection may have trouble getting off the ground until the Moonly platform and the tools are released in the coming weeks.

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