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Kryptoria: Build An Empire On The Blockchain

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Will and Thomas, the founders of Kryptoria, believe that the power of the blockchain is set to disrupt many different industries in the coming years. But there’s one industry in particular that these founders are hoping to have an active hand in disrupting: Gaming.

By decentralizing ownership and distributing control, the blockchain is a powerful mechanism to bring people together. A fun and interactive game provides shared experiences and a common language for people to unite around. And that’s exactly what Will and Thomas are seeing with their blockchain-powered strategy game, Kryptoria

What is Kryptoria? 

Kryptoria is an immersive 4X and RTS game enabled by the Ethereum blockchain, that encourages players to build an empire in the world of Kryptoria, through economic, technological and military power.

There are three types of ownable in-game assets: Alpha Citizens, Land and Weapons. 10,000 of each asset were minted, sold out, and split across three separate collections.

What has Kryptoria already achieved?

  • In addition to selling out three collections of 10,000 NFTs, Kryptoria has managed to raise two funding rounds of $500k each.
  • Built a Unity game world and platform, where players can build, trade and fight for in-game resources.
  • Partnered with NFT projects and multi-million dollar brands (e.g. Knockaround) for traits and IRL benefits for holders.
  • Launched a Beta version of the game.

What’s next for Kryptoria?

The plan is to continue focussing and delivering on their roadmap. That includes:

  • Upgrading the native marketplace so NFT holders can buy new clothes, armour and other accessories for their NFTs (and burn their old NFTs in the process).
  • Launching the Ellerium token. This is the “lifeblood” of the Kryptoria ecosystem.
  • Minting a 3D version of the Alpha Citizens NFT collection.
Above all, the cornerstone of the Kryptoria project is its strong, engaged and growing community. It has come together to expand the Kryptorian lore, rally behind the Web3 cause, and even win WGMI Media’s community competition. 
If you’re interested in learning more about Kryptoria, or joining a passionate community of blockchain gamers, you can find more information on Kryptoria’s Twitter page and website


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