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What is Jikan Studios?

Lining up to be one of the biggest projects on the Solana blockchain in history, Jikan Studios has amassed an enormous following. Twitter currently sits at 268.4K on the back of only 13 tweets while Discord has a staggering 112,493 members eagerly anticipating launch. 

Minting on Magic Eden with an end of May target, the team will work alongside Hydra Launchpad to build the creative framework of the roadmap, utilities and long term vision. The project will launch with 8,888 monkey-like creatures featuring unique traits ranging from hats and clothing, to weapons and facial hair. The artwork is without a doubt incredible and simply oozes class. 

As of now, little to no details have been revealed on the roadmap or utility which makes the hype behind the project all the more impressive. What is clear, is that Jikan Studios is a project the NFT enthusiasts will be eager to get into.


The Jikan Studios team has yet to release an official roadmap, although they have teased cryptic breadcrumbs to their community via social media and discord as to what it will involve. In a recent interview with YouTube channel, The Nifty Alpha, the founder revealed that time is an important aspect of the project, with ‘Jikan’ meaning ‘time’ in Japanese. Until information is released, all we can do is speculate over the clues given.

Jikan_Studios SolPort and Hydra


While there is no official ‘meet the team’ area that we see with other projects, with a little digging, information can be discovered on a number of the core members of Jikan Studios. 

Co-Founder – Corrupt

Real name Jake, Corrupt has been trading crypto for around two years prior to founding Jikan Studios. He has 1,103 followers on Twitter and is heavily invested in the SOL space after moving over from ETH. 

Co-Founder – Roxi

Roxi is an Australian based artist with over 49K followers on Twitter. Alongside being a founder of Jikan Studios, she is an artist for another hyped project, Vandal City.

Collab Manager – Snake

Identifying as Snake on the Jikan Studios Discord server but 大大卷 on Twitter, this individual appears to be a clinical organizer of collaborations for other brands alongside Jikan Studios.

Support Studio – Hydra Launchpad

Hydra launchpad is a specialist in helping upcoming brands get off the ground. Through expert advice and development, the Hydra team will have a hands-on approach alongside Jikan Studios playing a key role in the fulfillment of the project.

Jikan_studios 100k Twitter


Bullish case

Jikan Studios is shaping up to be an absolute juggernaut and as we continue through this “Solana Summer”, we could be looking at a potential ‘blue chip’ project on the horizon. 

The marketing has been deployed to absolute perfection and with a slow, drip fed approach. The community is always highly anticipating any information that is leaked. In regards to the community, engagement is strong with a huge following across all channels and a consistent flow of new messages within the Discord server. The artwork is, without question, sublime and likely to appear as the profile picture for many thousands of investors. 

Also, with gas fee’s being a non-issue on the SOL blockchain and the current ETH bear market, many traders and investors are moving over, for the time being at least. Therefore, Jikan Studios seem to be dropping at the perfect time. 

A targeted mint date of the end of May means the project still has time to generate more hype, and with plenty more information to come, we have every reason to be extremely bullish on Jikan Studios. 



There are very few concerns when looking at Jikan Studios given the level of hype it has already received. Whilst it’s true that the roadmap and utilities of the project have yet to be revealed, the likelihood is that the project will sell out regardless. After all, projects with a lot of buzz around them bring a level of status for owners. An unknown mint price could also be raised as an issue – however, given the current climate in the Solana ecosystem, there will be a lot of wealthy degens who have jumped from ETH to build their portfolio. With this in mind, a high mint price shouldn’t be a concern. All things considered, Jikan Studios is a project that has success written all over it. 

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