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Jenkins the Valet Unveils Artwork Containing 930+ Hand Drawn Bored Apes

Jenkins the Valet, founder of ‘The Writer’s Room’ has revealed artwork that contains 930+ hand-drawn Bored Apes.

u2018Whereu2019s Waldou2019 inspired artwork, u2018Whereu2019s Jenkinsu2019, showcases 930+ apes hanging out within the famous Swamp Club. The piece was created for Jenkins The Valet by IC4DESIGN, a group of Japanese artists who have worked with clients such as Google, the United Nations, and the New York Times and are known for their open-world imagery. Considering that the swamp, club, and more than 930 apes were hand-drawn, itu2019s no surprise that the piece took more than 3 months to complete.u00a0

Othanperoni, a website developer, has created a webpage that allows people to view the piece up close and as the title explains, successfully find Jenkin. u201cThe Bored Ape Yacht Club is full of apes and mutants having a good time and participating in all sorts of activities, some more nefarious than others,u201d the website reads. u201cAnd Jenkins the Valet helps them all with whatever they need. Can you find him?u201d

Working with artists to create collection-based artwork adds utility to the community. By creating a piece that involves more than 930 other people, and adding a game to it, you end up bringing everyone together. The artwork hasnu2019t only been praised by BAYC holders, but by the Twitter community, with everyone looking to get involved. u201cLet’s have some fun. Right-click + save the image from the webpage,u201d stated Jenkins The Valet. u201cSearch for me and circle me once you’ve found me. Post a new Tweet with the circled image using #WheresJenkins.u201d

Since the start of NFTs, artwork has been a huge factor. Whether we invest in art or not, it represents a large part of the web3 community. By highlighting a piece containing 930+ apes, Jenkins The Valet is both adding to the BAYC community and showcasing a separate sector of web3, art.u00a0u00a0



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