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Get Started with AI: 3 Business Ideas

 Anyone, even you, can become financially free using nothing but AI & your imagination. There are countless opportunities for entrepreneurs to use this technology to create businesses or even to be used in a business you already run. Here are three ideas for businesses you can start with AI starting today.

Graphic Designer:
There are many tools you could use to sell services in graphic design, the main one we will be covering is going to be Mid-Journey. This tool is outstanding with the images it can generate based on keywords alone. For example the image below, we typed into their discord tool “steampunk cat” and this high resolution image popped out within 20 seconds. You could sell these images or even use them as a base layer in graphic design. Another way you can utilize this is in UI & Website design. Pair this tool with an editor like photoshop & you will be next level in terms of creative design. This business could be ran using Fiverr or any platform that allows you to sell your services. You could sell anything from Logos, Concept art, drawings, UI Design & more.


AI Content Creator:
You can setup an entire YouTube business by using a mix of different AI tools. First we start with chat GPT to create you a list of topics to make a YouTube channel on. Once you figure that out, have Chat GPT then write you a list of ideas for videos on that channel. From there you will have a nice base layer of content to make. Now choose the topic you want to cover & have it generate you a YouTube video script.

Once finished, put this information into a paraphrasing tool like Quillbot to make the writing feel more human & grammatically correct. You could then place that script into a AI like Synthasia, a tool which is able to create talking head videos in real time. There is an unlimited amount of videos could create using these tools. For example, Educational, Storytime & even product reviews. Once AI video editing becomes more prevalent this will become even easier to do & allow you to expand the content you make.


Selling Education:

There are plenty of people who prefer to pay for information because they simply don’t have the time to spend learning. With AI you could create an entire course from start to finish within minutes using a mix of Chat GPT, Quillbot, Tome & Synthasia. Before starting this I would recommend only create a course in a niche that has low competition and high average monthly income rate. Once decided have chat GPT write you a course on the topic from start to finish. Add or remove whatever you believe will make the course better. Once done, use an AI paraphrasing tool like Quillbot to touch up the writing to make it sound more human. Next, set up Tome & have it generate you a formatted presentation on the topic & update the presentation to contain the script from Quillbot. Input that script into Synthasia if you want talking head videos in your course, this step is optional. Once finished you can list that course on a platform like Udemy & just like that you are making some passive income from AI. Though on the surface it sounds so simple, it will still take a bit of tweaking & learning to get the desired result.

Make sure you take this as an opportunity to learn since AI is still in a very early stage & the majority are at an even playing field.


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