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In this WGMI Spotlight, we take a deep dive into Flower Fam's story, team and marketing strategy. We set out our bullish case and our reservations.

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Mint Details

Mint Date 

May 21

Flower + Honeylist: 2 Mints per wallet (12:00 PM EST – 1:09 PM EST)

Giveaway Winners: 1 Mint per wallet (1:09 PM EST – 2:18 PM EST)

Raffle Winners: 2 Mints per wallet (2:18 PM EST – 3:27 PM EST)

Public Sale: (3:27 PM EST)



Mint Price 

0.069 ETH

What is Flower Fam?

Flower Fam is a community-focused NFT collection of 6,969 colorful hand-illustrated flowers living on the Ethereum Network. They are trying to create an ‘oasis’ where like-minded people can come to relax and have a good time while they earn $HONEYCOIN and/or participate in their weekly harvest games. Each week there are harvest events where Flower Fam community members have a chance to win 60% of the rarest species of flower in their collection.

Story / Background

Flower Fam is an NFT project with a community of people across the globe who have come together to connect, have fun, and add value to each other’s lives. A team of founders formed Flower Fam to push the boundaries of today’s NFT space, in which Flower Fam is a community that is all about spreading peace and prosperity. One of the project’s main goals is to spread its seeds to drive the NFT space forward using $honeycoin. As stated in their manifesto, “Seed by seed, the Flower Fam slowly expanded to new land”.


Every week, flowers come together and organize the weekly harvest in which they have a chance to win 60% of the royalties on secondary sales. 

Every flower has a 10% chance to win. The rarer the flower species, the more they can potentially end up taking home.

$honeycoin is earned by staking the Flower Fam NFT, catching bees, and buying seeds that will eventually grow into beautiful new Flowers which will earn more $honeycoin.

$honeycoin can be used to grow the garden to make more $honeycoins over time, or can it be sold on an exchange where that money can be used to invest in other NFT projects. 

Additional information surrounding the Flower Fam ecosystem, as well as other utilities and features, are still yet to be released to the public, but it’s expected to be released in the near future.


‘Flower Fam’ takes a different approach from the usual NFT roadmaps, and instead, they state they are focusing on creating something that truly adds value and offers utility immediately from the start.

  • Building the Oasis Ecosystem V1
  • Establishing the Flower Fam DAO
  • The Oasis Ecosystem will be live from Day 1, mint day
  • Establish DAO of Flower Fam NFT holders
  • Launch New Collections
  • Add more utilities for $honeycoin
  • Scale and Grow the Flower Fam Community



The main two founders and the lead artist behind the Flower Fam team remain undoxxed at this time, and the only information we have about them is their Twitter profiles and their individual roles provided below. The tokenomics advisor and the Oasis advisor behind the project are doxxed, and their information is also provided below for reference.

Co-Founder, Demeter

Co-Founder – Lil Lotus

Lead Artist – Lily

Tokenomics Advisor – Token O / Leandro Marcarian

Oasis Advisor – Trichome / Constantin Colac

Lead Engineer – Orchido



Flower Fam has been hosting various giveaways, Twitter Spaces events, and wl raffles on Twitter with both influencers and well-known NFT projects. The specific details surrounding these collaborations and partnerships are not publicly available. Some of the projects that have collaborated with Flower Fam are listed below:

Llamaverse x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

SATOSHI RUNNERS x Flower Fam  – Twitter WL Giveaway

Small Bros x Flower Fam  – Twitter WL Giveaway

Smulips x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

Doodles x Flower Fam – Discord giveaway

G Babies x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

Roborovsky x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

Zooverse x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

Dreamland Gen x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

Generative Dungeon x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

Ailoverse x Flower Fam – Twitter WL Giveaway

NFT Asia x Flower Fam – Discord WL Giveaway

Ll Blobs WRLD x Flower Fam – Discord WL Giveaway


Marketing / Community

Flower Fam currently has over 90k followers on Twitter and nearly 20k members on their Discord server, which isn’t bad, but neither is it outstanding. The Flower Fam team has been focusing a lot on collaborations and partnerships as there have been many whitelist giveaways with low, mid, and high tier NFT projects on their Twitter page and Discord server. This may be a sign that their team is less confident and/or less competent as the top-tier NFT projects only collaborate with the cream of the crop projects, but Flower Fam seems to be a different route. 

The Flower Fam Discord server is extremely community-focused, which can be easily seen when looking at the different types of events they host on their Discord server. For example, they have held mental health discussion panels, yoga classes, meditation events, and even an aromatherapy class regarding how flowers can be used to better our moods and enhance our lives. They even have an option where members can take before and after photos of their garden transformation in exchange for prizes and whitelist opportunities.



Bullish case

The artwork for the Flower Fam collection has many features that the NFT community in the past has positively received. The Flower Fam NFTs are hand-drawn illustrations with bold outlines similar to the Doodles NFT collection, except Flower Fam is even more colorful and detailed. Flower Fam also has tattoo art and comic strip art-like qualities that make the project unique and rather appealing.


The main founders behind Flowers NFT choose to remain anonymous, which raises cause for concern if they are trying to build one of the top NFT communities for the long term. Their roadmap is also very broad and has very few specifics that may be playing into the “promise less and over-deliver” idea, but this is based purely on speculation. The main founders behind Flower Fam don’t seem to have any prior blockchain experience, nor any experience managing and running an NFT project. Last but not least, they have been running one too many giveaways, which is a potential red flag when trying to determine top-quality NFT projects to hold for the long term, as many of the whitelist winners will be ‘paper handing’ and looking for a quick flip which will affect the floor price negatively.  

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