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Dubai Expected to Create 40,000 Jobs Through its ‘Metaverse Strategy’

Dubai is launching a Metaverse Strategy which will ultimately focus on optimising the output in which the emirate can generate from the metaverse.

The Emirate of Dubai, which is a leading place for Web3 developments in the Middle East, has launched an initiative which aims to turn the city into one of the worldu2019s top ten metaverse economies.

Dubbed the u2018Dubai Metaverse Strategy,u2019 the new program hopes to transform the emirate into a global tech capital through primarily focusing on artificial intelligence and Web3.u00a0

More precisely, the program will focus on research and development collaborations to enhance the economic contributions of the metaverse, utilising accelerators and incubators to attract foreign investment, and provide metaverse-centric education to developers, creators and general users of digital platforms.

Although remaining relatively ambiguous for now, the fruits of such efforts are expected to then be observed within the tourism, education, retail, remote work, healthcare, and legal sectors.

The program goes alongside the United Arab Emiratesu2019 AI Strategy to enhance the nationu2019s position as a leader in futuristic sectors and technologies, as well as its plans to fully deploy 5G networks across the region in order to enable cutting edge computing. In doing so, such efforts are thought to create more than 40,000 virtual jobs by 2030.



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