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Mint Details

Mint Date 

Batch 1 – May 9th, 11:00 am – 11:00 pm EST (12 hours) – 0.1 ETH


Batch 2 – May 9th, 11:00 pm – May 10th, 5:00 am EST (4 hours) – 0.12 ETH


Batch 3 – May 10th, 5:00 am EST (until 7,777 minted) – 0.12 ETH



Mint Price 

Batch 1 – 0.1 ETH Batch 2 – 0.12 ETH 
Batch 3 – 0.12 ETH

Mint Limit

1 per wallet

What is BBRC x IVY BOYS? 

BBRC x IVY BOYS is an NFT collection with a total supply of 7,777 illustrated 2D avatars that are inspired by the American Ivy League fashion style and subculture. The collection is characterized by a multitude of 2-dimensional timeless fashion pieces, simple backdrops, a pure color palette, and an inclusive representation of cultures, genders, and races.

Story / Background 

BBRC Studios has partnered with Aaron Chang who is a renowned South Korean creative fashion illustrator, to launch IVY BOYS, an exclusive collection of NFTs.

BBRC Studios is a company that launches NFT projects led by creators, artists, and brand collaborators for the Web3 space. Their team is made up of dreams and doers with decades of experience in tech/crypto, branding, fashion, manufacturing, and community building.

Their Genesis Project BBRC X IVY BOYS was conceived in collaboration with South Korean Menswear illustrator and Design Director of New Balance Korea – Aaron Chang. Well-known for his Ivy art style; Aaron has collaborated with numerous reputable celebrities and brands around the globe such as New Balance, Drole Monsieur, Percival, and many others.


Owners of IVY BOYS will have IP rights, and each IVY BOYS NFT unlocks private membership, IRL experiences, and access to future special projects, airdrops, brand collaborations, and merchandise collections – all of which will be collaborative and community-driven.


The official website for BBRC x IVY BOYS is still under development, and so is the project’s official roadmap. The team seems to be keeping a lot of their specific roadmap information under wraps for the time being. The official roadmap is still TBD, but here is what we have been able to gather so far. 

“IVY BOYS is a collection that would blend the Metaverse and the real world with coveted limited-edition apparel and collectibles thanks to BBRC’s accumulated experience in fashion and apparel. Imagine creating and producing IVY BOYS fashion for your avatar. This is not only about owning an artwork but opening a door into a world of real utility and value.”

Recently there have also been teasers of IVY GIRLS which is likely to be the next NFT project BBRC Studios has in their pipelines, and there is a good chance that BBRC x IVY BOYS holders will be getting whitelisted, but details are still yet to be confirmed. 



Aaron Chang is a South Korean creator and illustrator behind IVY BOYS, which is a dream of his, 4 years in the making. Chang has been recently featured on Hypebeast for his collaboration with Percival, Aaron is well known in the creative art and fashion space for his works with Baracuta (Italy), An IVY (Denmark), TVR (Japan), Grocery (Hong Kong), Droledmonsieur (France), Panyter (US) and Attorie (US). He is currently the design director of New Balance of South Korea.



BBRC Studios is a powerhouse of a global team with decades of experience in various industries including tech, crypto, branding, fashion, manufacturing, and community building. 

BBRC Studio’s Chief Financial Officer, Cool KT, is the ex-COO of a retail group that manages Adidas, Uniqlo, Topshop, and Ben Sherman to name a few. BBRC’s intent is to build a singular ecosystem to house and empower artists and creators to freely produce powerful, unique, and verifiable intellectual properties using NFT and blockchain technology.



Past Non-NFT Related Collaborations:


Aaron Chang has made a name for himself as a renowned menswear illustrator and he has had collaborations with various fashion brands across the globe. Specific information regarding each collaboration can be found by clicking any of the links below:  

Percival x Aaron Chang  
New Balance (Korea)
Baracuta (Italy) 
An IVY (Denmark) 
TVR (Japan) 
Drole de Monsieur (France) 
Grocery (Hong Kong)
Paynter (US)
Attorie (US)

NFT Related Partnerships and Collaboration:

Currently, BBRC has done partnership whitelist giveaways on Twitter with the likes of @DonteCrypto, @UltramanETH, @MyPetHooligan, @NekoMuraClub, @GenerativeDungeons, @ISOworldNFT, @Play_Ukiyo, @Shikigai, Lil Frens, @LoomiHeads, @RetroArcade, and many others. The Partnership section on their Discord server is currently missing any specific details at the time of writing.

Marketing / Community

Currently, BBRC is an extremely hyped project and many investors expect this collection to be a top performer due to the artist and backing he has behind him. 

BBRC’s Twitter page has grown to more than 268.8k followers, and they have more than 129,180 members on their Discord server at the time of writing. They have been giving away a few whitelist spots through a few high-profile NFT project partnerships, but very sparingly. 


Bullish case: 

BBRC x IVY BOYS has all the makings of an extremely successful NFT project. The artist has a huge following as well as his own company, BBRC Studio, that’s dedicated to the IP brand that he has been working on for more than 5 years. Also, unlike most projects that are attempting to create merch for the first time, Aaron Chang, and the BBRC Studios have been doing it successfully for a long time and they most likely have already an established network that will be able to facilitate their merchandise from A to Z which is a huge leg up from most of their other competition.  


Many successful artists with a huge amount of followers attempted to create their own NFT project but failed to make it a success. A few examples of this include Johnny Depp, Ozzy Osbourne, Philip Colbert (The Lobstars), and Trevor Jones. All of these artists did a great job of selling out and making millions of dollars, but the ones who got hurt the most were their community of investors as they are left holding bags with very little volume. 

It is still left to be seen how great of a community the BBRC team is able to create, and the kind of value they will be able to consistently provide to their community. A successful mint is only the first step, and the more important steps are being able to deliver on promises, while continuously adapting to the NFT space and providing value to their holders. It is still left to be seen if BBRC has what it takes to actualize its vision of being not only an NFT project but also a brand that will be able to withstand the test of time. 


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