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June 15, 12:00 PM EST Private Sale

June 15, 12:00 PM EST Public Sale



Mint Price 

0.15 ETH

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What is Antoon’s World? 

Antoon’s World is a collection of 250 NFTs that are 1 of 1 characters with diverse backgrounds that live in a world with limitless possibilities. Every character comes with its own unique story. Owning an Antoon will grant access to future collections, airdrops, and discounts to their upcoming merch store, amongst other details that are still yet to be disclosed. 


Instead of a roadmap, Antoon’s World would like to call it a journey. They will not stop exploring after Antoon’s World. They will continue to explore the tooniverse with their community members. Antoon’s World is a universe of personalities and lore that will continue to be expanded on leading up to their future plans. 

“Here are some of our goals for the rest of 2022: airdrops of character-specific Antoons, other airdrops that play alongside the expanding story to all holders, continuing the story, beginning development and releasing our upcoming generative project, working on our merch store, the possibility of staking and a marketplace, hiring more team members in charge of: content, art curation, advisory, the tech side of things, moderation, and more! We have loved this journey with you all and are so excited to continue it for the long road ahead!”


Antoon – Marketer / Coordinator / Co-Founder

“Noah is 19 years old and living in Atlanta GA. He studies Cyber Security and Digital Marketing. He joined the NFT space almost one year ago because he loved the ethos of the space. Artists and creatives coming together to create a community of like-minted individuals. He is excited to continue his Web3 journey creating and exploring the Tooniverse with you all.”


Benyas – Head mod

Micah is 18 years old and living in Atlanta, GA. He enjoys managing the community and creating an environment that promotes interconnectedness because he understands the importance of growing together, especially in this decentralized, community-led space. He is furthering his business management education at Georgia Tech.


Antoonette – Artist / Creative Lead / Co-Founder

Rae is 20 years old and living in Atlanta, GA. She has been doodling since she was a toddler. Creating art is her favorite way to express herself and challenge her creativity. She is excited to continue to challenge and express herself through our journey into the tooniverse. 


Goldmember & Saltdimension – Developers 

Francensco and Ricardo are 29-year-olds living in London, UK. They work as Engineering Manager and Lead, respectively, for startups in The City, while spending their extra time helping up-and-coming artists and communities realize their vision by building their tech. They are mad about exploring what web3 would look like and making it happen. 



Bullish case

Antoon’s World is an up-and-coming NFT project that is still relatively unknown despite several NFT influencers finding out about and shilling this project. Looking at the current engagement levels on Twitter it is easy to dismiss this project as NGMI, but when looking at the projects that are collaborating with them such as Gangster AllStars, Illogics, Multiversal Walk, Yokee, and SkaterBirds there is something special that seems to be brewing behind Antoon’s World. 


Due to a limited run of only 250 NFTs in this upcoming drop, most people will not be able to mint an Antoon NFT. Due to the extremely low supply and fairly high demand, the floor price of this collection will likely see a big pump and will likely be out of reach for most investors. It is not a deal-breaker, but it is important to note that the team is pseudo-anonymous which requires a bit more blind faith when it comes to investing in the future of Antoon’s World. 

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