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Mint Details

Mint Date 

June 14-16



Mint Price 

Private: 0.09 ETH

Public/Waitlist: 0.14 ETH


What is Anero? 

Anero is an anime inspired art project set in ‘Downtown’, a dazzling neon lit, fictional Japanese city. Token holders, known as “riders” in Downtown will have an active role in shaping the universe of Anero. Built on Web3, Anero’s principles of community, authenticity and creativity is a promise that those that buy in will be at the forefront of how the project is shaped as it moves forward. Anero has committed to providing a Sandbox environment for its members. Members will be able to explore the world of ‘Downtown’ as well as upcoming digital manga skits featuring characters from the project. Physical merch and events are also in the pipeline, bringing Anero and ‘Downtime’ to the real world.

Story / Background 

While there currently isn’t a huge amount of information about how the project came to be, what is clear is that community is at the heart of everything in Anero’s universe, ‘Downtown’. Their goal is to create a truly decentralized space with token holders playing a leading role in how the brand is shaped moving into the future, all the while setting new standards in the NFT space.


Token holders will be granted a ticket to board a train to the neon soaked world of ‘Downtown’, which will allow the following benefits:

  • Governance: Giving all “riders” a true, active voice in how the Anero universe will be shaped.
  • Creators Space: Providing a genuine platform where the community can showcase and gain recognition for their works of art in ‘Downtown’.
  • Rider 2 Rider platform: A space where token holders can build a real network for whatever aspirations they have for projects in both the digital space and the real world.


As of now, a detailed roadmap has yet to be released. However, four key pillars have been highlighted for the future of Anero.


  • No information has been revealed in regards to future airdrops, however they’ve been promised to serve more than one purpose in the ‘Downtown’ universe.


  • Index: An index page on the Anero website that will allow token holders to filter and search through the entirety of the collection.
  • Avatar Closet: A virtual wardrobe where holders can check out how upcoming merch drops will look on their avatars.
  • Sandbox Environment: The AneroVerse will be the digital space where riders can explore and meet up with fellow token holders.

Physical World

  • Streetwear and Merch: Style is central to the avatars of ‘Downtown’. Anero will be looking to bring it to the real world with limited edition runs of merch including hoodies and shoes.
  • Events: Anero wants to bring their community together both in the digital and physical world. Real life events will allow token holders to really bond and create long lasting friendships.


  • The AneroVerse: The virtual world in which Downtown is set and where riders can explore and meet.
  • Lore: Holders will be given the opportunity to shape the world and the lore of the AneroVerse alongside the founders.
  • Manga Skits: Giving life to the characters of the Anero project, these skits will showcase how the universe is being shaped by the community.
  • Coming To Life: A step up from manga skits, Anero have teased music, trailers and even a full anime series to bring the AneroVerse to life.


There currently isn’t a huge amount of background information available on Anero’s team. Only one of the three founding members is doxxed at present. The Anero team plans to fully doxx in the future. For now, all available evidence suggests the team are passionate and focused on delivering on the promises that they’ve made. The team is made up of the following:

CEO & Founder – Adnan

Web3 Bender is a former data engineer and management consultant in Web2 and is now using those transferable skills in Web3. Web3 Bender has 27.1k followers on Twitter and his personal branding is very good.

Artist & Founder – Umair

Mangakaua983 is an illustrator who is “just a dude who likes anime and draws an absolute metric ton”. Umair has successfully published previous manga comics titled Somnia and Icarus Rising. It appears that his existing work is well received, he has 184k followers on Instagram. Each post has a lot of engagement. 

Creative Director & Founder – Ali

Downtownlegend does not have much available information regarding previous experience. However, his Twitter page was created only 4 months ago and he has already gained 11.2k followers. He is followed by NFT influencers Gmoney and OttoSuwen.


Designer & Developer – Jill

There is very limited information on Aneroverses designer and developer, Bugz. 

Community Lead & Discord Man – John

There is very limited information on Aneroverses community lead and Discord, Toki.


Community Lead & Co-Creative – Aisha

There is very limited information on Aneroverses community lead and co-creative, Mochi.

Project Manager – Will 

Will N is a moderator for BlockChain Bandits and Mutant Shiba Club, demonstrating some experience in NFT projects. Apart from this, there is not much information on Will.


Anero have built up a good amount of hype, and have been able to collaborate with a number of impressive names in the space. These include Whitelist spot giveaways for Wabi Sabi Collective, KaijuFrenz, Fortune Friends Club and Hikari. All of these are projects boast upwards of 100k followers on Twitter. There is no doubt that collaborating with these projects has mutually raised awareness, and benefits both parties. Building trust goes a long way in the NFT space, collaborating with reputable projects is one way that potential investors gain confidence in a collection. This is something that Anero has done well. They have also combined with influential figures such as Doodles Alpha and Donte Walker for AMA’s to discuss projects, alpha, and to provide some whitelist spots.

Marketing / Community

Since their first tweet on Feb 9th, Anero has grown to an impressive 178k followers while boasting over 40k discord members. Analyzing their marketing, it appears that they have grown in an organic manner, relying more on their impressive visuals rather than creating FOMO. While they have conducted a number of giveaways via collaborations with similar sized projects, they have not been excessive in the slightest. The community appears to be strong and there is solid engagement on their socials. This includes fan art.

Unfortunately, Anero’s discord server was compromised in March which led to some community members losing funds. However, the team were quick to act and offered to refund those that had been stolen from. This further enforces the teams commitment to the long term health of the project.


Bullish case

Thanks to ‘blue chip’ behemoth Azuki, the anime art style seems to have a real staying power in this space. Anero does seem to be influenced by Azuki with its side-on profile approach, but it is not considered to be a derivative. The art is clean, bold and frankly beautiful. 

The promise of a decentralized Web3 metaverse that will be shaped by the riders also provides encouragement, as does the strong community behind the project. In late April, the supply was cut to 7,777. This suggests that the team closely follows market trends and understands that high supplies are often not successful presently. Anero certainly appears to be a project with potential, it could be one to keep on the radar.



Anero does tick a lot of boxes, however there are a number of potential reservations. The fact that we are already in May and yet to be informed of a mint date or price is a little concerning considering they state “early to mid May” to launch. Also, despite Anero cutting the supply to 7,777, this is still considered to be fairly high. In addition to this, the NFT market is facing a challenging time, we are seeing overall volume reach lower lows once again. Many projects have struggled to launch successfully because of this. 

While the Anero team seem to be active on social media and often engages with the community, the lack of information on them may be a concern. With only one of the founding members being doxxed, it’s unclear if the team is proven to have the ability to execute. While it’s true we all have to start from somewhere, a little more clarity would go a long way in providing confidence to the community.

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