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Mint Details

Mint Date 

May 7th, 2022 at 12:00 pm EST




Mint Price 

free to mint + gas

Mint Limit 

2 per wallet

What is Yogies?

The Yogies is a free-to-mint NFT project with a total supply of 3,333 hand-illustrated characters that will be used to play the Yogies Play2Earn DeFi game which is expected to be released in the near future. 

Utility (Stake – Earn – Build)

All Yogies NFT holders will own full IP rights to their NFT in addition to gaining access to the holders’ only private Discord channels 

Stake a Yogie and earn $Gemies per day for each Yogie you stake.
Genesis Yogies earn 45 $Gemies per day and receive a 25% discount in the store

  • Very Important Yogies earn 30 $Gemies daily and receive a 25% discount in the store
  • Vault Normal Yogies earn 15 $Gemies daily (no store discount)
  • Normal Yogies earn 10 $Gemies daily (no store discount)

Stake up to 10 Yogis by buying houses (mansions can hold up to 10 staked Yogies). Hold Security Pets and ensure you can’t get attacked by your fellow Yogie holders and protect your daily yield. $Gemies can be used at the Yogie shop but must be spent right away. It is also possible to increase daily rewards by buying additional Yogies or a car. Once enough $Gemies have been accumulated, they can be used for shopping at the Yogies item store. Strategize and build a strong empire while staying secure from enemy attacks


  • Create Yogies Ecosystem (10 Genesis Yogies auctioned each week and 100% of the funds goes to the community development wallet
  • Test, Develop and Launch Yogies P2E Game
  • Launch free to mint 4,444 Yogies NFTs (3,333 for sale and 1,111 to team’s vault)
  • Add Staking and $Gemies native token rewards
  • Create a Yogies shop where holders can spend their $Gemies for in-game items
  • Incorporate additional game mechanics like mansions, flying cars, security pets, and an eventual PvP feature



There is zero information surrounding the team (artist, developer, mod or anyone else) that is available on the Yogies website, Discord server, or on their Twitter page. The WGMI Studios Team has made several attempts to contact the admins of Yogies but was unable to receive any response regarding the identity or prior experiences of the Yogies team. This is potentially a red flag although the risk is greatly minimized when investing in a free-to-mint project as the team will be fully dependent on secondary market sales and their genesis auction sales in order to make ends meet. 


The Yogies has been a part of some whitelist giveaways and collaborations with various projects, but interestingly, none of these giveaways have been posted or retweeted on their Twitter page or on their Discord server. It is likely a part of their marketing strategy to make the community feel more organic and less collaboration-based. and likely the reason any partnership or collab related information is not available on any of their social media channels. 

Marketing / Community

The Yogies NFT project made its first post on Twitter on April 2nd announcing its plans to be a community-driven collection that will be free to mint. In a matter of 7 days, the Yogies team was able to reach 100,000 Twitter followers using only organic marketing and in-house WL giveaways. In little over a month of their first tweet, the Yogies team has amassed more than 216k followers on Twitter and more than 227k members on their Discord at the time of writing, which is quite astonishing. Checking their Twitter page, no cross-collaboration giveaways with other successful projects nor any influencer shills were found, which shows that the Yogies has been doing an excellent job of marketing and growing their community on their own.  It is important to note, however, that the conversation and engagement level in the Yogies Discord server is low quality, and most people are just asking about how to get on the WL or when the mint date is rather than discussing the Yogies play2earn game, or the team itself. The faith of the community behind the Yogies NFT collection and P2E game is close to non-existent despite the incredible amount of demand which becomes apparent when looking at the Subscriber and Follower count on their social media platforms. 


Bullish case

When it comes to free-to-mint projects, the team and founders do not make any money from the mint phase so there is no risk that the team would take the money and disappear. Free to mint projects carries very little risk to investors because they cost close to nothing for investors which minimizes the risk and/or exposure to a project. Because so little gets invested in free-to-mint projects, investors are also more likely to hold the NFT instead of going for a quick flip which is bullish for the project in the long term. The most people have to lose is their gas fee as this will be a fee mint project so the community is excited about where this project could potentially go.  


The biggest red flag pertaining to Yogies is the lack of information surrounding the team that makes up this project. There were zero links on any of their social media pages that linked to either the artist or dev or any other team members that are a part of the Yogies project which is not typical and quite strange to see. The Yogies team will need to do a better job of managing and growing a real community that cares about the NFT project, the team, and the grand vision. Going to the Discord channel and trying to converse with the mods or community members showed there was a lack of engagement and genuine conversation making this more of a short-term trade rather than a potential blue-chip NFT at this time.  

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