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Everything You Need To Know About The y00ts Reveal

y00ts and DeGods need no introduction. If you’re new here and unsure of what these two projects are, then please refer back to my previous y00ts or DeGods articles. It cannot be denied that in the midst of this brutal bear market, while every other project continues to suffer, y00ts has been absolutely thriving. 

If you’re one for scrolling through crypto or NFT twitter, then you will know that y00ts is the talk of the town right now. Just recently, y00ts minted and secondary activity went parabolic. Even though there were many delays, y00ts still managed to amass an impressive 190,000 SOL in sales volume (around $6 million) in the first 24 hours. y00ts currently sits at rank #1 on OpenSea top collections over the last 7 days with a very strong floor price of 153.88 SOL and a total volume of 256.7k. 

Now that the mint is complete, the next step that everyone is eagerly awaiting is the reveal. In line with everything else that the team has done so far (scholarship Whitelist system), the reveal is going to keep y00ts in the spotlight for even longer. The original schedule indicated that y00ts were due to be revealed on Friday 9th September 2022. However, a recent Tweet informs us that the y00ts art reveal will be postponed to an unspecified date in September. The team have stated that they will “make an official announcement only when everything is completely ready.” They also added that they “will deliver the coolest NFT art on any blockchain and staking that actually rewards holders,” which leaves us all eagerly anticipating the reveal later this month.

When the time does come, the schedule states that you will be able to “burn your t00b to mint a verifiably random y00t” at any point in the future on its website.

What is a t00b? I hear you ask. A t00b is the mysterious NFT that early y00t minters were awarded. The artwork currently resembles an orb with a multi-colour, ringed planet-like object spinning on it. It’s worth noting that a t00b can be held forever without swapping it for a y00t. The link between t00bs, y00ts and the reveal is quite a complex one. More details can be found in this thread by Waylon

Even though the y00ts t00bs are set to reveal this Friday, the time is still to be announced and could certainly be subject to further delays. While we’re all waiting for more information on the reveal, what we do know is that the rarity of this set will roughly be 90% floors, 9% elites and 1% 1/1s. This creates a strong sense of anticipation as many degens enjoy playing the lottery and testing their chances of getting a rare token.

With a highly ranked DeGods token recently selling for 7033.3 SOL, everyone is praying to get a rare y00ts. It’s likely that the rarest y00ts will also sell for astronomical prices, which should keep the floor price up leading into the reveal. Now, many ETH enthusiasts and whales are taking Solana NFTs seriously because of DeGods and y00ts, so it will be very interesting to see how this one plays out. There is no question that the reveal of y00ts is going to dominate the market when it happens. 


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