X2Y2 Will Enforce Royalties

November 22, 2022

In a recent thread, X2Y2 announced it will now enforce royalties on all collections.
The announcement comes in the wake of OpenSea (1) requiring traders to honor creator royalty fees on existing collections; and (2) empowering new collections to use its ‘OperatorFilter’ code that requires traders to buy and sell only on OpenSea (and other marketplaces that honor royalties).
Since OpenSea released its ‘OperatorFilter’, many projects have decided to use it to ensure creator royalties are honored. For that reason, X2Y2 has removed its ‘Flexible Royalty’ setting so the projects using OpenSea’s OperatorFilter can be traded on X2Y2.
As for existing collections that do not use OpenSea’s ‘OperatorFilter’, X2Y2 is also enforcing royalties to ensure a “more unified and smoother user experience”.
This is a big win for creators, and a huge win for OpenSea. X2Y2 emphasizes that it still believes the best way to handle royalties is “to give both parties, creators and traders, the right to choose”. By removing choice for traders and enforcing royalties, X2Y2 is basically admitting it has been forced into a corner by OpenSea’s new policies.

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