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Mint Details

Mint Date 

July 3 – 4



Mint Price 

WL Mint Price: 0.04

Public Mint Price: 0.05

What is Wonder Secret Club? 

Secret in name and nature, this NFT project has very little information available on the public domain, with no website as of now and a closed, invite only Discord server. Despite this, the project appears to be incredibly hyped, with upwards of 176K followers on Twitter having joined in January of this year. The team at Wonder Secret Club are committed to building a tight knit, engaged community that will drive the project forward which is evidenced by the thriving Twitter account. The art style of Wonder Secret Cub is a throwback to old school comics featuring cute, black and white character designs. Initially, 50,000 characters were randomly generated of which 5,555 were handpicked by the project’s co-founder and artist, Roro. Given the current buzz surrounding Wonder Secret Club, there’s reason to believe this could be another success story on the ETH blockchain. 


The Discord channel confirms that WSC has decided to not set anything in stone because of the sheer speed of the NFT space. They have promised to adapt to what the community wants.

For example, the team confirm that if the community wants merch, then they will do it. If they want staking, they will do it. And if the community wants a marketplace, then they will do it. 

This is a project that is very much in the hands of the community. 


Without an official ‘meet the team’ section visible to us currently, we are unable to detail each and every member but usually, in these cases, information can be uncovered through a little research. For Wonder Secret Club, these are the team members we could find. 

Co-Founder / Artist – Roro

Outside of being a co-founder and lead artist, little is known about the background and experience of Roro. He has a following of 15.8K on Twitter and joined the platform in March 2022. 

Co-Founder / Project Manager – Low.eth

Much like fellow co-founder, there is a lack of detail on the background of Low. Also creating his Twitter account in March of this year, he has already gained a following of 11K.

Advisor / Head Mod – Pepescult.eth

Alongside his moderator and advisory role for Wonder Secret Club, Pepescult is also head mod for NFT project, BearsRare and works as collab manager for Supreme Skulls and SkyVerse.

Head Mod – Jael 

With an impressive 36.5k Twitter followers to her name, Jael also works as head moderator for KaijuFrenz.

Collab Manager – ETHoverFIAT

Clearly rating Eth over Fiat, the collab manager for Wonder Secret Club is responsible for ensuring the project aligns itself with the very best brands. 


Bullish case

Wonder Secret Club is one of those rare projects that comes with exceptional hype regardless of the limited details we have at hand. The community is, quite frankly, buzzing for the launch while engagement is extremely strong due to WL FOMO. Add this to the collaborations we’ve seen with the likes of Just ApeVandal CityKarafuru and AneroVerse as just a few examples, Wonder Secret Club sits at the top table, with the elite and most hyped NFT collections. Mint allocation is a good size while price is fair so there’s no reason to believe that the community won’t buy up the lot once mint date is upon us.


To counter the above, lack of information can always be considered a concern. In addition, as we’ve seen so often lately, major projects have flopped and regardless of hype, the unpredictability in this current climate means that we can never be 100% sure. In different conditions, we could almost be certain, but despite this, we’d approach Wonder Secret Club with a good level of positivity.

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