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Why is DeGods Flipping Doodles and Azuki?

Whether you prefer to trade on the Ethereum or the Solana network, you would have likely heard the name DeGods before. If you’re unsure of what DeGods is then don’t worry, we will get to that. The important news is that DeGods is now one of the most expensive profile picture collections in the entire NFT ecosystem. For the first time in history, a Solana NFT collection has made it into the top 5 most expensive profile picture collections. It has overtaken some of the most notorious Ethereum ‘blue chip’ projects, such as Doodles and Azuki.

First, What Is DeGods?

DeGods is the “#1 community on Solana” and an NFT collection of “degenerates, punks and misfits.” It is a NFT brand on the Solana blockchain powered by a deflationary collection of 10,000 DeGod tokens and the $DUST protocol ecosystem. DeGods founder, Frank0 is a notable name in the space and he boasts more than 100k followers on Twitter, so we know DeGods is in good hands. More information can be found on DeGods website.

Why Is DeGods Such Hot Commodity? 

First and foremost, DeGods art style is unique, original, and very creative. Its website states that it “f*cked up and made original art instead of a Bored Ape Yacht Club derivative,” suggesting that the art was created with intent. Additionally, the use case of its native token, $DUST, is very beneficial to holders. $DUST is earned through staking a DeGods NFT, and it can be used to access auctions, upgrades, raffles, enter whitelist giveaways and participate in the DAO.

The community is full of creators, developers, entrepreneurs, athletes, artists, experimenters and innovators, which makes it a very sought after exclusive club to be a part of. There are many influential names, such as Toly, the co-founder of Solana, that rocks a DeGods as their Twitter profile picture. DeGods have worked hard to create a genuine community which represents its principles, and it’s certainly paying dividends now.

DeGods continue to grow its ecosystem, and it has a lot in the pipeline. In the near future, it will launch a second profile picture collection called y00ts, which may have contributed to the increased recent demand. To learn more about y00ts, please see this WGMI article.

DeGods Overtakes Doodles And Azuki

DeGods have been growing at a rapid rate since its launch. Back in October 2021, DeGods minted for 3 SOL, and now it sits at a staggering floor price of 413.99 SOL (currently $14,152), despite the bear market. Speaking of the bear market, most projects’ floor prices have been ‘bleeding.’ Doodles floor price has fallen from its all-time high of around 25 ETH to 7.5 ETH (currently $12,233). In addition, the Azukis floor price has also taken a hit. It has fallen from an all-time high of around 40 ETH to 8.4 ETH (currently $13,701).

The evidence is clear, DeGods is now more valuable in US dollar terms than Doodles and Azuki. It’s making waves, creating history and breaking through the boundaries of what Solana based projects can achieve. Now, only the BAYCCryptoPunksMoonbirds and MAYC remain ahead of DeGods in terms of profile picture projects. There is huge potential regarding the heights that DeGods may be able to reach, and we’re all here eagerly anticipating what is to come.


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