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Why 10KTF has the Most UNDERRATED Ecosystem in NFTs

What is 10KTF

10KTF is primarily an accessory NFT built to partner with parent NFTs to connect their brands under Wagmi-san in the 10KTF-specific New Tokyo. Founded by WeNew Labs and big names like Beeple and Guy Oseary, 10KTF is the ultimate derivative project as each individual NFT has a matching parent NFT that it was based on. While 10KTF has set itself an ambitious goal, it has been well executed with many established blue chip partnerships including Bored Ape Yacht Club, MAYC, Cool Cats, World of Women, Moonbirds, Pudgy Penguins and much more.

Expanding Ecosystem

One of the greatest assets of 10KTF is their ability to easily expand and build off of the success of their partners, as well as turn that success into their own. Within the 10KTF ecosystem, the main focus is within Wagmi-san’s shop. Here, you can use parent NFTs and blank stockroom items to create more 1/1 NFTs to further add into the 10KTF community. This gives a second utility to parent NFTs as well as brings their blue chip attention to 10KTF, further strengthening its community and status. 

Since it is an accessory project, 10KTF has had the luxury of onboarding multiple projects into the ecosystem even after the initial mint date. This grants a limitless potential to what partnerships 10KTF can create in the future and opens up major possibilities as to how big this project can become. 

Battletown and Missions

In their unique way to keep holders active and engaged with the project, 10KTF created BattleTown. BattleTown is a PFP event platform that lets all holders send their NFTs on missions to collectively progress the storyline of New Tokyo and reap rewards for engagement. During mission enrollment, users are able to freely send their accessories into battle and receive rewards like stockroom items, badges, and $APECOIN.

These missions have put different emphasis on rarity and accessory type as each respective piece of gear has a unique base power and different rarities give various multipliers. This places actual utility on collecting rare and different 10KTF pieces as they collectively combine together to give you a big advantage on missions. 

Providing Value Back to Holders

One of the most important things for any NFT project is their ability to give back to holders and reward loyalty. This is something that 10KTF holders have seen time and time again as the team has found ways to continue adding value to the project. Recently, 10KTF did an $APECOIN airdrop to holders based on their mission activity and how many missions they had completed. Other airdrops include Combat Crates (currently valued at 0.8 ETH) airdropped to holders with 8+ mission badges, and other stockroom items for participation in previous tasks. 10KTF has shown they reward their supporters, a key part of retaining loyalty and excitement around the project. 

10KTF x Yuga Labs

For a long time, there has been speculation that 10KTF has developed a relationship with Yuga Labs and Otherside. Considering both BAYC, MAYC, and BAKC are all avatars for 10KTF accessories, the foot is already in the door to opening up a larger connection to Otherside land  and other parts of the Yuga Labs ecosystem.. These theories were once again solidified with the recent $APECOIN airdrop to holders and hints of 10KTF with the Otherside demo. Yuga Labs is behind the biggest names in the NFT space, so this is something to consider when looking at the longevity of 10KTF. 

Final Thoughts

10KTF has one of the greatest networks in the entire NFT space with its connections to a multitude of different blue chips and top projects. The team has proven that they are ready to build the New Tokyo ecosystem and they have shown their dedication towards continuing their storyline through each mission. As NFTs continue to fluctuate with the market, there is no doubt that 10KTF is here to stay and it will keep growing its name. 


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