What is Next For Nike and Clone X

October 11, 2022

On Friday 7th October, RTFKT posted a Tweet which included a video teasing “Project Animus.” The video featured a Clone X avatar from the RTFKT universe walking next to a character that resembled one of the Otherside Kodas, and RTFKT states that its “coming to life” in 2023. 

From browsing the comments section, we can see that many RTFKT and Yuga Labs fans have picked up on this and it has excited both communities. The pinned Tweet has soaring high engagement levels, which is unusual for the bear market. Some people are even speculating that the two giants will be working together moving forwards. 

What exactly does this mean? Well, nothing is confirmed yet. What we do know is that an “EggDrop for Clones” will take place in “November 2022”. Since the announcement, in the last 7 days, Clone X’s floor price has climbed by 42.48%. It currently sits at 9.35 ETH and only 7% of tokens are listed.  

Regardless of whatever they decide to do, RTFKT and Yuga Labs have proven time and time again that they both have the ability to execute and that they are here to stay. Betting on founding teams may be one of the best strategies in the NFT space at present, and it doesn’t get much better than these two. Be sure to check in regularly to stay up to date! 

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