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WGMI Weekly Wednesday Newsletter

May 11, 2022

NFT of the Week: Project PXN

Phantom Network, otherwise known as “Project PXN”, was the latest collection to be released by the creators of NANOPASS, another highly successful and high profile NFT project. Project PXN is a utility-focused anime-style NFT project with a 10,000 supply which first minted on May 4th, 2022. 


Why Phantom Network is our NFT of the Week

Easily the second biggest launch last week (2nd to Otherside), PXN is a collection of 10,000 anime characters by Nanoverse, the team behind Project Nanopass. PXN is our project of the week because of its massive potential to become the next blue-chip NFT collection. After seeing the growth of Nanopass and the team’s ability to provide value to the space, there’s no reason that Project PXN won’t do the same or even better. 

Up to this point there has been very little information released about this project, as most of the detailed information behind PXN was purposefully kept under wraps. One of the sneak peeks that has been shared by the PXN team shows a secondary greymarket. This market will allow holders to buy Web2 physical items with Web3 currency. 

PXN will be developing its own blockchain and have a $PXN token that will be airdropped to holders and used within their ecosystem. PXN will also integrate white boxes which appear similar to Nanopass black boxes, and it will include PXN tokens, whitelists, and exclusive cosmetics that can upgrade any existing PXN NFT.

PXN decided to kick off their mint with a 2 ETH Fair Dutch Auction. It was very well known in the NFT space that the entire public sale would mint out before ever dropping below 2 ETH. Traders were prepared to fight another noble gas war after training in the Otherside gas war earlier in the week. The team pulled a sneaky one on minters with a website that initially locked everyone out and only let a few minters through at a time. It was quite comical to see a webpage pop up saying “Where do you think you’re going? Off to fight a gas war?”. 

Those who were ready to fight to the death in a gas war were dismayed by this roadblock – however, this forethought shows that the Nanoverse team was very considerate before releasing one of the biggest projects of the year. This is the opposite of what Yuga Labs did last week, releasing a 100k collection all at once causing the Ethereum gas to max out and essentially shut down the network for at least three hours.

The floor price after the Dutch auction began around 3 ETH and shot almost straight up to just under 4.5 ETH before dipping. Throughout the night the volume died off and the floor price dropped significantly to around 1.7 ETH as traders expected the whitelisted members to severely undercut the floor the next day during whitelist mint. Despite these assumptions, whitelisted members did not undercut the floor which caused traders to panic, and FOMO back in again which ended up pumping the floor price back to almost 4 ETH. The current floor price of this collection sits at 4.285 ETH at writing. 

Phantom Network in numbers




Mint Price

4.285 ETH

Floor Price (May 11, 2022)

24.2k ETH

Volume Traded (May 11, 2022) 

Phantom Network team

Phantom Network’s team has strong technical experience when it comes to NFTs, as the team’s first project Project NANOPASS has had incredible hype and success with a total supply of 5,555 NFTs and a current floor price of 3.5 ETH at the time of writing. The team behind Phantom Network is not doxxed, but they have built up a lot of trust and reputation from the NFT community due to their success of Project Nanoverse. 

Founder and Developer: @Rei is the founder of Nanoverse and Project PXN, and is also one of the main developers in their team. Rei is not yet doxxed, but he is disclosed as a traditional entrepreneur who owns a group of companies that he is in process of selling in order to dedicate his life fully to the Nanoverse ecosystem. Rei is also the founder of a company called 0xygen Labs and NFTY KEYS, and he has more than 169.8k followers on Twitter at the time of writing, and he is a prominent figure in the NFT space. 

Co-founder and COO, and Legal: @Pants_shh is a former Deloitte consultant, a CPA, lawyer, and financial manager of a subsidiary of an SEO company. She currently has 123.8k followers on her personal Twitter page. 

Chief UX/UI Designer: @Dex has more than 15 years of experience working for several multi-billion-dollar companies and he has helped to launch several apps in various countries, including the #1 app in Japan and the #2 app in France. 

Co-Founder and CTO: @X4AES is the Chief Technology Officer behind Phantom Network.

Marketing / Community

Phantom Network has been growing rapidly, gaining more than 100,000 new followers in the month of May which is an increased growth rate of more than 50% growth compared to the month before. In addition, both Nanoverse and Project PXN have accomplished an incredible feat by bringing in 100% organic traffic through the use of “zero-cost marketing campaigns” when it comes to promotions and their collaborations. 

Phantom Network’s community were extremely hyped for this drop, and their Discord server feels extremely organic and personal. Members are actively participating and engaging in a variety of events and the mods are doing a great job of making their community members feel cared for and valued.


The official roadmap for Phantom Network has not yet been released to the public. The team has mentioned through AMAs and Twitter Spaces the following information: 

  • Establish a unique web3.0 NFT platform that provides users with valuable tools that can be accessed only by those who own one of 10,000 Ghost NFTs which will act as an access key card. 
  • Launch a metaverse where Nanopass lands can be utilized.


Recently Launched Projects

BLVCK Genesis | Blvck Paris

Blvck Genesis is a collection of humanoid 3D style avatars with artistic elements, high fashion traits, and monochrome aesthetics. Crafted by Julian O’Hayon who is a French designer and the founder of a global lifestyle brand, Blvck Paris. This NFT provides access to exclusive events, limited products, and rewards as a utility for holders. 

This was a successful launch for the Blvck team, as the 10k collection was sold out during the mint phase. Those who were able to mint a BLVCK Genesis NFT had a chance to flip for around 35% returns if they sold near the local top of 0.3ETH. During the mint, the team decided to close the main chat and started an AMA, which was a bit odd and had some people worried – as this has been a common tactic for scammers after they have hacked a Discord server. 

The reveal date has now been announced to be 10 days after the end date of the public mint – on Monday 16th. This has created concern for impatient investors, and it negatively affected the community sentiment in this project and has been reflected in the current floor price, which is under the mint price at the time of writing.

Blvck Genesis has the potential to be a longer hold, especially if you consider that the founder has already launched and can leverage a successful brand like Blvck Paris. Look to the coming weeks for more announcements and strategic partnerships. The team has noted their short-term strategy, so we will have to wait and see what they are able to deliver around the time of their reveal phase. 

Total Supply: 9,999
Public Mint Price: 0.2 ETH
Current Floor Price: 0.18 ETH

Sleep Exhibition

SLEEP EXHIBITION is a collection of 3,000 music NFTs produced by Sion, Mommyson, Chanju, Zior Park and Wonstein who are all established K-Pop artists and influencers. Produced by Beautiful Noise, a Korean hip hop label, this collection is comprised of 6 individual NFTs to pair with each of the six acts in the Sleep Exhibition short film by Beautiful Noise.

The Sleep Exhibition video

The film begins with a reporter visiting the “Sleep Exhibition” in Seoul in the year 2110 when humans no longer require sleep with the help of science and modern medicine. Many images and displays of people sleeping and yawning are shown throughout this museum. The tour guide instructs the visitors “do not try this at home” while showing them a man sleeping inside a glass display case. On his way out of the exhibit, our curious protagonist sees a security guard drop a note on the ground with the location of a secret sleep club. The reporter visits this sleep club where a masked man is sitting in a rocking chair reading bedtime stories to put everyone to sleep. 

Cut to the next act, our protagonist is in an herb bar sitting next to a woman drinking a special kind of tea to put her to sleep. The woman grabs the reporter’s hand and leads him into another room with a couch where she falls asleep. Two men appear out of nowhere singing a Korean song (most likely about sleep) and one of the men hands the reporter a sleeping pill which he swallows and he begins to feel drowsy. 

In his last waking moments, the reporter sees the tour guide from the Sleep Exhibition and then falls asleep. He goes into a dream state where his bed is flying in the sky next to pink fluffy cloud creatures. The next scene cuts back to the Sleep Exhibition from Act One, where the tour guide is again showing visitors a man sleeping in a glass case, only this time it is the reporter sleeping inside the display case. 

The upcoming Esion collection

The team behind Sleep Exhibition is coming out with a project called “Esion”, which is an anime-style NFT collection with embedded music in each NFT. Esion has built a massive amount of hype with over 85k followers on Twitter, and those who hold three Sleep Exhibition NFTs are automatically added to the whitelist for Esion. 

Esion put out an announcement before the release of Sleep Exhibition about the whitelist opportunity for those who purchase Sleep Exhibition NFTs. This announcement caused the entire collection to sell out (all 3k NFTs) in under a minute for .08 ETH each. The floor price of the Sleep Exhibition NFTs immediately saw 3x to 4x gains during the first 48 hours after selling out, and the collection. The floor price of the Sleep Exhibition collection is currently sitting at 0.255 ETH which is around 3x the initial mint price with a lot of potential for another pump as it gets closer to the mint date for the Esion anime NFT drop. 

Total Supply: 3,000Public Mint Price: 0.08 ETHCurrent Floor Price: 0.27 ETHWebsite:


Mindblowon Project is a collection of 6,969 NFTs created by Tahilalats which publishes daily comic strips on their Twitter. Currently, Tahilalas’ Twitter has over 915k followers which is a massive backing for an NFT project. NFT Twitter followings are usually under 200k, and even 100k followers are quite the feat in this space – which is why it is astonishing to see the following Tahilalas has.

Seeds Motion, the team behind Mindblowons animation content, has produced Tahilalats content for over three years. Seeds Motion has partnered with Netflix, Unilever, Vice Media, Monkey Shoulders, P&G, Asus, HP, and many more over their seven years in the industry. Mindblowon Project has been able to secure many more top-tier collabs such as VANS, Sony PlayStation, Capcom, 88Rising, Unilever, Seagate, and Sony Pictures for Spiderman: No Way Home, Venom, Jumanji, etc. There is not a very extensive roadmap for this project, however, their Discord tells us “Mindblown Universe is a place to share, laugh, talk, listen, laugh again, learn, earn, and laugh. This community is for everybody. There are no queen bees, superstars, or prom kings, just random everyday fellas with awesome ideas”. Mindblowon will be a community art project derived from Tahilalas comic strips which is inclusive and welcoming to all members, according to the messaging of their team. 

Mindblowon was easily one of the top five hyped projects this past month. The team kicked off their launch with a fair Dutch auction starting at 0.69 ETH. Dutch auctions, especially before whitelist mint, are generally frowned upon as it typically crashes the floor once whitelist mint begins. However, Mindblowon sold out within the first 10 minutes of opening their Dutch auction which showcased the community sentiment regarding this project. The rapid sellout of the Mindblowon collection caused the floor to pump past 1.9 ETH, before settling back around a 1 ETH range in the lead-up to the whitelist mint phase (which was to be priced at 50% of the final Dutch Auction cost). Those who were whitelisted were able to mint for .345 ETH.

As to be expected, the floor price dipped by over 75% as soon as the whitelist mint phase began and flippers took immediate profit. The floor crashed from nearly 1 ETH all the way down to .54 ETH over the course of eight hours. This is not to say that Mindblowon is a bad project – this is just a trend typically seen when a Dutch auction happens the day before a whitelist mint. Currently, Mindblowon is still in the pre-reveal phase. This collection could face another dump after reveal, which can be a great buying opportunity for NFT traders and investors.

Total Supply: 6,969

Public Mint Price: 0.69 ETH
Whitelist Mint Price: 0.35 ETH
Current Floor Price: 0.36 ETH


Upcoming Projects: Bangers


KATATONIK NFT is one of the most anticipated NFT projects at this time due to the fact that the artists have worked for Dreamworks, and have contributed to some of the most popular movies such as Kung Fu Panda, How to Train Your Dragons, Ice Age, etc. 

KATATONIK is a 9,999 NFT collection of 3D cartoon cats with unique and funky traits. The team behind KATATONIK is fully-doxxed, and they are led by: 

  • Liron Topaz: Director, Supervising Animator, and the Animation Department Chair for Dreamworks Animation.
  • JP Sans: Head of Animation / Animation Director at DreamWorks Animation, which is comprised of over 100 experienced artist.


The team claims that each NFT would have a minimum of three different traits, making each NFT unique and special. KATATONIK hopes to become a community-driven NFT project. As for their marketing strategy, KATATONIK was shouted out by KosherPlug on his YouTube channel, and they have done some collaborations with BentoBoi & ChampT (both notable influencers in the NFT space). KATATONIK promises to  ensure that every single NFT from their collection will be fully animated. They also claim that there will be at least 15 legendary NFTs, and traits that are much rarer than others. The team also stated that they would launch a new platform for the NFT space and WEB3 in the future, providing even more utility for holders over time. 

Total Supply 


Launch Date


Mint Price



Flower Fam

FlowerFam is an NFT collection of 6,969 pastel-colored, cartoon flowers with the goal of spreading peace and prosperity throughout the NFT space. FlowerFam does not believe in the classic approach to roadmaps, but rather wants to focus on creating a project that truly adds value and offers utility right from the start. They intend to do this by building the Oasis Ecosystem v1 and creating the FlowerFam DAO. 

The Oasis Ecosystem operates on $honeycoin, which is earned by staking your flowers. Every week, holders have a chance to win 60% of secondary sales, and every flower will have a 10% chance to win. The rarer the flower, the more $honeycoin one can earn. Their Flowerpaper gives us an example of how the distribution will work:

  • Let’s say the total volume in the first week is 4,000 ETH.
  • The resale commission (AKA Creator Royalty) is set at 6.9%… giving the project 276 ETH. 60% of this goes towards the Weekly Harvest.
  • Prodigies share 50% of the Harvest and with a 10% winning chance, one Prodigy Flower wins 0.15 ETH.
  • In comparison to this, Pioneer Flowers get 2%, so the lucky winner would collect 3.3 ETH.
  • Earnings are paid out in $honeycoin and appear instantly in your wallet

$honeycoin can be used to buy seeds that grow into new flowers. Seeds have an 80% chance to grow into a new flower, but a 20% chance of being blown away by the wind. Seeds are their own NFT collection and can be traded or sold on OpenSea. The game will also feature Bees. There is a 50% chance bees will pick someone that holds at least one flower and some $honeycoin, and all bees double the $honeycoin that are able to be produced.

All 6,969 flowers were drawn by one artist and have 420+ hand-drawn traits, and 5 different species: 5,420 Prodigies, 969 Seedlings, 469 Ancestors, 96 Elders, and 15 Pioneers. By feeding flowers enough $honeytoken they can be upgraded 3 times a year, producing 5% more $honeytoken each time they are upgraded. The founders of FlowerFam are two best friends who have been in the crypto space since late 2016. They are backed by an amazing team of bright minds who are working round the clock to push the boundaries of the web3 space.

You can find more information on Flower Fam in our Flower Fam WGMI Spotlight deep-dive analysis. 

Total Supply 


Launch Date

May 14-15, 2022

Mint Price

0.069 ETH

Block Masons

BlockMasons is an upcoming Minecraft P2E project created by Minechain Studios Ltd. Their team of eight consists of developers, designers, and creators who are members of prestigious web3 communities such as Proof Collective and Shiny Object Social Club. The Block Mason NFT gaming features are incredibly extensive so we will briefly cover each aspect.

The game will include two factions: House Dagoth ▣ and House Uldum ☩ which will be randomly selected for each character during the mint phase. There will be different ranks players can rise through including Grand Master, Council, and Officers. 

Within the factions, there will also be specific roles players can choose depending on their contribution to their faction. The roles are Raiders, Defenders, Builders, and Crafters. The BlockMasons ecosystem runs off $RUBY, an ERC-20 token that can be obtained by mining inside the game. 

$RUBY can be used for purchasing in-game items, builder services, buying plots of land, and special frames that are able to display images of your NFTs within the Block Mason. The game world is a vast open landscape that can be traversed by boats rather than teleport commands. 

This landscape contains a high-risk, high-reward wilderness that holds many rare metals and precious stones. Players must be on the lookout for rival factions within the wilderness as it is a PVP-enabled zone. 

Another part of the world is the “Northlodge”, which is where players will find the neutral city of Wellington. In Wellington, players can use $RUBY to buy plots of land that will be purchased as actual NFTs. The next part of the map is the Faction Islands. Each faction has its own island which they can choose to make public or keep private from other players. Another type of island in the BlockMasons world are the player islands that are safe from war and conflict. Player islands can be purchased with $RUBY and are a safe place to build a base. Last but not least, Guild Islands are spread across the world and only accessible from major harbors via boats. 

The BlockMasons app allows players to track and manage their guilds. BlockMasons will have a staking feature that is similar to the Moonbirds’ “nesting” feature, where players can earn $RUBY without transferring their NFT to another wallet. Players can also rent out their Block Mason NFT to earn a percentage of $RUBY mined by the player it was rented to. 

The game will start out in its alpha phase with 3,000 Gen 1 characters. The alpha features will be limited, as the team will be carefully watching and listening to the community’s feedback to improve the game. In the Beta, 2,000 Gen 2 characters will be minted and 2,000 more will be recruited by Gen 1 holders. The Beta will feature cosmetic items, a player bounty system, islands for sale, and an expansion to the game world. Upon full release, 5,000 characters will be minted and 5,000 will be recruited by Gen 1 and 2 holders. New features will include rentable BlockMasons, the opening of Northlodge, and another expansion to the game world. Another bullish point to mention is the advisors for BlockMasons: Safz, Wiz, and CryptoGorilla. These 3 advisors are all top-tier NFT advisors who are very reputable and knowledgeable in the NFT space.

Total Supply 


Launch Date


Mint Price

0.06 ETH

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