A brief and concise look at the NFT space during over the last 24 hours.

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NFT Market Update

The NFT market has seen consistent trading volume around the 40 million dollar range for the past 3 days. The daily trading volume on OpenSea yesterday was down -6% for the day with approximately $37 million dollars traded. 

Source: Dune Analytics

Crypto Update

The global cryptocurrency market cap is down +1.5% during the last 24 hours with a total market cap of 1.22 trillion dollars. Many are hopeful that we may have bottomed out and the worst is now behind us, however many cryptocurrency and NFT influencers including Patrick Deng from Parallax have been advocating that the worst may still be yet to come. 

Bitcoin is down slightly by 0.7% in the last 24 hours at $29,779 per BTC, and Ether is down +3.6% at $1,760. SOL is down 4% and trading around $38 while AVAX is down 3% and trading around $22.80.

Source: CoinGecko

Trending Projects and Launches


Boki is a 7,777 collection of colorful, hand-illustrated, cutesy PFP characters on the Ethereum blockchain. The project ran into some unexpected difficulties during its public sale as investors were unable to mint due to smart contract issues. The floor price of Boki sat at less than 0.098 ETH at one point, but the collection has been pumping all week. During the last 48 hours, the collection floor price went from 0.4 ETH all the way up to its current floor price of 1.645 ETH.

Supply Count: 7,777

Mint Price: 0.066 ETH

Current Floor Price: 1.645 ETH

Website: https://www.boki.art/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/bokinft




Hobotown is a collection of 6,898 hobo avatar NFT’s that are not affiliated with Goblintown. They have created their own separate lore, which depicts the hobos as the original owners of goblintown.wtf before the goblins took over. This was another free-to-mint project that ended up doing incredibly well for investors, and the collection has seen more than 800 ETH in volume traded since its launch in the past 18 hours. 

Supply Count: 6,898

Mint Price: Free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.114 ETH

Website: https://www.hobotown.wtf/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/hobotownwtf

Discord: N/A



Dwarftown.wtf is a collection of 9,996 Dwarf NFTs on the Ethereum Network that launched earlier today. Dwarftown was a free-to-mint project, and they have created their own lore stating that they are the long sworn enemies of the goblins in goblintown. This was most definitely another degen play following the footsteps of goblintown and the resurgence of the free-to-mint NFT meta. Dwarftown currently has a floor price of 0.022 ETH, but it went as high as 0.05 ETH earlier today. The collection is now starting to fizzle out like most of these other derivative projects.

Supply Count: 9,996

Mint Price: Free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.022 ETH

Website: https://www.dwarf.town/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/DwarftownWTF_

Discord: N/A


Streetlab Genesis

Streetlab genesis is a collection of 4,444 skull avatar NFTs where the team is trying to create a decentralized NFT platform for street artists. Each Streetlab Genesis NFT is a governance token for their NFT platform. Streetlab Genesis had launched their mint phase and sold out in a matter of hours. Despite the bearish market sentiment this collection ended up thriving, and the collection is around 3x the initial mint price at the time of writing. The collection has seen more than 430 ETH in trading volume during the last 12 hours since its launch. 

Supply Count: 4,444

Mint Price: 0.077 – 0.088 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.259 ETH

Website: https://www.streetlab.io/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/Streetlab_io



Vivid Limited

Vivid is a collection of 8,888 anime NFTs created by a team of Japanese anime artists which launched only a few hours ago. The mint price for this collection was a whopping 0.255 ETH despite bear market conditions, and the collection ended up selling out. This collection has yet to reveal, and the current floor price of this collection sits at 0.404 ETH at the time of writing.

Supply Count: 8,888

Mint Price: 0.25 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.404 ETH

Website: https://www.vivid.limited/

Twitter: https://twitter.com/vividcojp

Discord: https://discord.com/invite/vividcojp



Quirklings is a collection of 6,875 colorful 2D alien NFTs which launched earlier today. The collection is created by the same team behind the ‘Quirkies Originals’ which has a floor price of more than 1.7 ETH at writing. The Quirklings NFT cost 0.2 ETH to mint with only one mint allowed per wallet. The collection sold out with flying colors and the floor price sits at 0.27 ETH at the time of writing. 

Supply Count: 6,875

Mint Price: 0.2 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.27 ETH

Website: https://quirkies.io/quirklings

Twitter: https://twitter.com/quirkiesnft



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