A brief and concise look at the NFT market over the last 24 hours.

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NFT Market Update

The trading volume on OpenSea has been slow over the weekend, and we have been hovering in the $16M range in daily trading volume for the past 3 days. The trading volume on OpenSea is down -6.8% for the day, with just over 15.6 million dollars traded. 

Source: Dune Analytics

Crypto Update

The cryptocurrency market was in the red over the weekend, hitting new lows, with Ethereum trading below $900 at its lowest point. Thankfully, the cryptocurrency market bounced back yesterday, with most major cryptocurrencies and altcoins making back most of their losses. The global cryptocurrency market cap was up by +7% yesterday, with a total valuation of just over 922.6 billion dollars.

Bitcoin is up by +9.3% and trading at $20,137. Ether is up by +13.4% and trading at $1,089. Solana is up by +7.8% and trading just under $33. Avalanche is up by +10% and trading around $16.

 Source: CoinGecko

Recent Launches and Trending Projects

Candy Robbers

The Candy Robbers is a collection of 5k animated PFPs which initially launched more than 3 weeks ago. Today was “free to mint day,” and everyone was allowed to mint 1 Candy Robber for free + gas. Later today they opened a second phase where initial minters could mint an additional NFT for 0.03 ETH if they chose to.

The free mint day for Candy Robbers was successful as they sold out of their entire collection in less than an hour. As an exclusive utility for holding a Candy Robbers NFT, there will be monthly “robbery events” where holders could participate to win various traits and attributes that will help enhance their current NFT. 

The issue with Candy Robbers is that it cost 0.069 ETH for previously whitelisted members and 0.08 ETH for the public sale when they first launched 3 weeks back. Now the project changed to a free-to-mint project which is great for onboarding new investors, but those who invested early in this project are at a loss.

Supply Count: 5,000

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.025 ETH

Website: https://candyrobbers.io/





LonelyPop is an anime-style 10k PFP collection created by Thai artist, Noinah in collaboration with 0xStudio. 

0xStudio is known for its exceptional marketing prowess in the NFT space, being largely responsible for the success of 3Landers, among other NFT projects. 

The reveal date for LonelyPop is scheduled for June 22nd. The LonelyPop collection was initially intended to be a Dutch Auction with a starting price of 1.5 ETH, but the team later decided to change the mint details last minute due to the NFT market conditions. 

The mint cost for WL members was 0.075 ETH, and the public sale price was 0.15 ETH. The current floor price of the LonelyPop collection is 0.268 ETH making this project one of the top trending collections over the past 24 hours. 

Supply Count: 10,000

Mint Price: 
0.075 ETH – Private
0.15 ETH – Public

Current Floor Price: 0.268 ETH

Website: https://lonelypop.com/




Sneaker Heads

Sneakerheads is a collection of 5,000 uniquely designed NFTs by artist and founder, AliDawood. 

Each NFT is of a face made with sneaker material and sneaker-based traits. The Sneaker Heads project also intends to become a launchpad for community and collaboration that brings together street culture and Web3 technology, although that won’t be until later. 

The Sneaker Heads project was extremely hyped during the bull market a few months ago, but they decided to delay its launch date. 

The mint price for the collection was 0.25 ETH, and they ended up selling out of the entire 5k collection without any minting or smart contract issues. 

The collection floor price currently sits at 0.499 ETH at writing, with more than 1.9K in ETH traded since its official launch less than 24 hours ago. 

The performance of the Sneaker Heads collection is exceeding expectations during the NFT bear market so far. 


Supply Count: 5,000

Mint Price: 0.25 ETH

Current Floor Price: 0.488 ETH





Gossamer Seed

The Gossamer Seed is a mysterious 10k NFT collection linked with @BronStudios and actor Forest Whitaker. 

The collection first launched on June 15th, and it was a free-to-mint project. The project website and Twitter hints at a new TV and Web3 series coming soon called Gossamer World. 

On one side of the Gossamer Seed NFT it has a date of June 22nd and the word NYC which has many community members speculating that there will be a big announcement during the NFT NYC event on June 22nd surrounding Gossamer World as well as additional information about the Gossamer Seed NFTs. 

The floor price of this collection sits at 0.167 ETH at writing, which is extremely impressive for a free-to-mint project with little to no marketing and limited information.

Supply Count: 10,000

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.167 ETH

Website: https://gossamer.world/


Discord: N/A


The Clown Squad

The Clown Squad is a new 7,777 PFP collection of degen clowns launched less than an hour ago at writing. The Clown Squad was a free-to-mint project with no website, roadmap, or utility. 

The current floor price of this collection sits at 0.005 ETH. According to their Twitter profile, the only purpose of The Clown Squad is to bring back the laughter and fun that disappeared due to the NFT bear market. 

“If you’re a depressing and miserable Negative Nancy, you can fk right off…On the other hand, if you’re a GRADE A degen, living in your mom’s basement with unshaved armpits and bent on mischief, join the Squad. Let’s wreak havoc together.” – The Clown Squad Team

Supply Count: 7,777

Mint Price: free + gas

Current Floor Price: 0.005 ETH

Website: https://clownsquad.lol/


Discord: Closed/Locked



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