6 Weird Ai Tools You’ll Be Glad Exist

February 7, 2023

Generative AI and machine learning are extraordinarily powerful technologies that are changing the way we live, learn, and earn.

What else can you expect from the internet than to take this powerful technology and use it in the weirdest ways possible? Here are 6 weird AI tools you’ll be glad to know about.

Voicemod: Real-time voice changer

How many times have you woken up and thought, I wish I could make my voice sound like a robot, demon, chipmunk, Barack Obama, or the other gender? Most likely, never. You’ve never wanted to do it. But now, you can.

Voicemod lets you transform your voice in real time. If you’re in the content-making business, it could have some pretty cool use cases:

  • Create characters for video content: Take your storytelling to another level by giving each character in your story a different voice.
  • Make entertaining video streams: Voicemod can be integrated with Twitch and TikTok Live to add an extra layer of entertainment to your streams.
  • Pranks: Use a voice changer to do April Fools’ Day or Halloween pranks.

HairstyleAI: Test new hairstyles with AI

We’ve all wondered what would we would look like with a different haircut. Should I grow bangs? Should I grow it out? Would a mullet suit me? Should I shave it all off? The risk of looking like a clown scares many from trying a new do.

I didn’t expect AI to be the solution to this problem, but here it is. HairstyleAI, the AI tool that shows you how you would look with a new hairstyle.

Cool Gift Ideas: Give the perfect gift!

What better way to remind yourself that you don’t know anything about your family than trying to think of a gift for them? The best part, we have to face this reality every single year for their birthday. Sometimes twice if you celebrate holidays like Christmas.

Well, now you can let AI think of creative gift ideas for you.

Cool Gift Ideas genuinely thinks of good gifts. It was recently my Dad’s birthday, and I used Cool Gift Ideas to think of a gift. I simply described my Dad’s hobbies (airplane engineering and playing guitar), and it suggested a custom guitar pick made from a 1970 coin (the year of his birthday). I actually gave it to him and he loved it.

Fashion Advisor AI: Let AI decide what you should wear

If you spend any amount of time wondering what outfit you should wear, then I have just the tool for you.

Fashion Advisor AI has been trained to teach you exactly what goes with what. Not sure what to wear with your mustard pants? Just ask Fashion Advisor, and it will let you know exactly what to wear if you want to look neutral (white or black shirt), or a more casual look (a denim shirt).

AskNow: Ask anyone, anything

What would Serena Williams do in this situation? If I had a nickel for every time I asked that!

Fortunately, the team over at AskNow has built a tool that lets me do just that. It has trained a chat bot to think and talk exactly like a variety of famous personalities including Elon Musk, Naval Ravikant, and (yes) Serena Williams.

SynthesiaSanta: Create a free Santa video

AI has the power to create videos of talking avatars from plain text in minutes. If you’re looking for the most productive way humanity can use this powerful tool, then look no further.

You can create a personalized Santa video, letting your kids know they should stay well-behaved if they want everything on their wish list.

We’re a little late for Christmas, but it’s still a tool worth bookmarking for the next holiday season.

Santa AI

Closing Thoughts

These aren’t the first examples of the internet doing weird and wonderful things, and they certainly won’t be the last.

The difference now is, AI is empowering the internet to reach a whole new level of weird. And I love it.  

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