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WGMI Weekly Wednesday Newsletter

June 29, 2022

NFT of the Week: Dooplicator

Dooplicator is the second collection from the team behind Doodles, a blue-chip NFT project that currently has a floor price of 13.6 ETH at the time of writing. Each person who held a Doodles NFT was eligible to claim a free Dooplicator NFT through the official website until June 22nd, 2022. 

The Dooplicator: A super-powered device that will allow collectors to bring the rarest OG traits into Doodles 2. You can use the Dooplicator NFTs to add various traits to pre-existing Doodles, hold or trade them, which gives perpetual utility even beyond Doodles 2 itself. 

The floor price of the Dooplicator collection is currently sitting at 2.4 ETH which is an incredible utility for all Doodles holders and they effectively received 2.4 ETH for free, just for owning/holding a Doodles NFT. 


Why Dooplicator is our NFT of the Week

The information behind Dooplicator collection was left as a mystery until June 23rd when the Doodles team make some huge announcements during the NFT NYC Conference. Doodles have always been a top collection, and now the Doodles team is trying to add never before seen value and utility for all its holders.

Major Announcement 1: @alexisohanian’s @sevensevensix to lead Doodles’ first-ever fundraiser, with founding partner @katelin_cruse joining the Doodles Board of Directors. Major Announcement 2:

Pharrell Wiliams joins the Doodles team as a member of the board and Chief Brand Officer. He will executively produce music projects, animated films, and TV shows and creative direct product launches. 

TL;DR: The Doodles team made incredibly huge announcements during NFT NYC, and they’ve released their future plans for Doodles, Doodles 2, the Dooplicator, Space Doodles V2, and more. The Doodles team is leading the charge when it comes to pushing the boundaries of NFTs in addition to bringing real-world utility to its holders. The team has already started to recruit real movers and shakers of the entertainment industry such as Pharrell Williams who has won 13 Grammy Awards, including three for best being the Producer of the Year. He is now the Chief Brand Officer as well as the Executive Producer of the Doodles Collection. 

Dooplicator in numbers



free + gas

Mint Price

2.394 ETH

Floor Price 
(June 28, 2022)

8k ETH

Volume Traded (June 28, 2022) 

Doodles Team

The Doodles Team is an all-star cast consisting of both doxxed and psuedonymous members. The latest team member to join is Pharrell Williams who is now the Chief Brand Officer for the brand. Pharrell himself has more than 10.1 million followers on Twitter, not to mention the countless number of followers on Spotify and on YouTube. In addition to Pharrell.

Burnt Toast is widely regarded as an incredible NFT artist largely due to the pleasing aesthetics behind the original Doodles collection which ended up starting its own movement for simple, cutesy and colorful hand-illustrated 2D NFTs. 

Last but not least, the team is comprised of experienced business operators that experience growing a brand. Evan Keast, who is one of the founders of Doodles is an experienced marketer and product consultant and one of the key pillars behind the Doodles IP. Additional information about each team member and their individual roles can be found below.

Pharrell Williams – Chief Brand Officer

Burnt Toast aka Scott Martin – illustration

Alfie Motion aka Alfie B. – animation

Tulip aka Evan Keast – brand

Bandit aka Bennett Leader – product design & UI/UX

Varoun – A/V engineering

John Bowers – audio

Poopie aka Jordan Castro – product

Protein aka Wei H. – smart contract

Vainglorious aka Adil – back-end engineering and production

DeepBlueSteve – front-end

NFTSantana aka Ivan S. – production

Marketing / Community

The marketing behind Dooplicators is done through the Doodles official Twitter page as they have no separate Twitter profile of their own.

The Doodles team has been sharing an NFT market masterclass in creating a successful NFT project. Starting from their original Doodles collection which minted for only 0.123 ETH and taking it to a floor price as high as 25 ETH during its peak. 

Instead of stopping there, the Doodles brand has been generating new hype through the addition of music, animation, gaming, and IP partnerships. Last week they brought the house down at NFT NYC, the largest NFT conference in the world, and the demand for the Doodles collections has been skyrocketing. 

Major Announcement 1: 

Alexis Ohanian from venture capital firm, Seven Seven Six to lead Doodles’ first-ever fundraiser, with founding partner Katelin Cruse joining the Doodles Board of Directors.

Major Announcement 2:

Pharrell Wiliams joins the Doodles team as a member of the board and Chief Brand Officer. He will executively produce music projects, animated films, and TV shows and creative direct product launches. 


Doodles 2: A new Doodle for every holder. Mint a base-level doodle and choose generic traits like skin tone and hair color, then customize your Doodle with wearables (varying tiers of rarity). Doodles 2 will be a dynamic NFT where you can change your looks as often as you like. Full body or PFP. Animated with original music. The perfect sharable NFT built to represent you.

The Dooplicator: A super-powered device that will allow collectors to bring the rarest OG traits into Doodles 2. You can use the Dooplicator NFTs to dooplicate, hold, barter, or sell which gives perpetual utility even beyond Doodles 2 itself. 

The Genesis Box: 1st edition wearables that will seed the wearables economy of Doodles 2. Never to be sold again. Expect rare apparel and accessories. 

Doodles Records: Volume 1 – Executive Produced by Pharrell Williams, in partnership with Columbia Records. This project will feature original music, hand-drawn album art from BurntToast, and limited edition wearables for Doodles 2. The music from this album will be available to layer onto your Doodles 2. 

Space Doodles V2: Space Doodles V2 will be released in collaboration with world-class game developers. Additional information is to be released in the near future. “A world built for your ships, planets, and portals is incoming.”


Recently Launched Projects

Moonrunners Official

Moonrunners is a story driven collection of pixelated wolves with a 10k supply that launched on June 23rd as a free-to-mint project. Moonrunners is a degen project without a Discord server or any roadmap. 

The success of Moonrunners is bringing rise to other derivative projects like “Monkerunners” that are following suit which shows just how popular the Moonrunners collection has become.  

The six undoxxed team members behind Moonrunners are from across the globe and it consists of artists, developers, a lore writer, and advisors, all native to NFTs with previous project experience. The entire collection is CC0 meaning there is no copyright and anyone is allowed to modify, distribute, and use the work for commercial purposes without having to seek permission. 

Much of the Moonrunners success is owed to the team’s marketing efforts leaving much to speculation, mystery, and entertainment which seem to be their ingredients for success.

The average floor price of Moonrunners began at around 0.03 ETH, and the average floor price went as high as 0.85 ETH during its peak. The collection has since then had a cooling-off period, and the current floor price sits at 0.379 ETH. Approximately 20% of the collection is listed for sale at the time of writing. The Moonrunners collection has seen more than 6.3k ETH worth of trading volume since its launch, making it one of the hottest trending projects of the week.

Total Supply: 3,333
Mint Price: free + gas
Current Floor Price: 0.379 ETH

Gossamer Seed

The Gossamer Seed is a mysterious 10k NFT collection linked with @BronStudios and actor Forest Whitaker. The collection first launched on June 15th, and it was a free-to-mint project. The official website and Twitter page hint at a new TV and Web3 series coming soon called Gossamer World.

The appearance of the Gossamer Seed NFTs first started as a card with Gossamer’s World on one side, and a date of June 23rd on the other. During the NFT NYC event on June 23rd, the cards mysteriously transformed into cocoons.  On June 26th the cocoons hatched into “hatched creatures” that are still in the process of evolving. Those that hold a Gossmaer NFT are part of the Gossamer army, and they will gain access to exclusive channels as soon as the Discord server opens in the near future. 

The floor price of the Gossamer Seed collection sits at 0.379 ETH at writing, which is extremely impressive for a free-to-mint project with little to no marketing and limited information. This is one project that’s worth keeping your eyes on because they have been doing an incredible job of generating hype and interest and growing their free-to-mint project, and they are just getting started. 

Total Supply: 10.000Mint Price: free + gasCurrent Floor Price: 0.379 ETHWebsite:


MoonPepes is an animated glitch collection that is Pepe-inspired and with various traits from various popular NFT collections. The Moonpepes project has no roadmap, and it’s just fun & memes according to its team. The artist behind the MoonPepes collection uses the handle, Crevthor and he is a relatively new and unknown artist. The project floor price sits at 0.127 ETH at writing. 

Total Supply: 4,200 
Mint Price: free + gas
Current Floor Price: 0.05 ETH


Upcoming Projects: Bangers

The Possessed

Possessed is a collection of 10,000 fully animated NFTs created by two fully doxxed artists, @whoami and @Whatthefurr. The duo behind the Possessed NFT project is trying to create a new kind of PFP collection animated, generative, and driven by a unique concept.

Every Possessed NFT will include a fully animated character with 2 static PFPs – one of each state (Blessed and Possessed). Holders will be able to select which state they want to use as the display for their PFP.  

The Possessed team has demonstrated expert marketing for generating demand, hype, and FOMO for their project. They previously had a closed Discord server that allowed a few people to enter each day, but only if they actively participated in their gamified entry process. As the project is approaching the mint date, the Discord server is now open to the public. 

The Possessed is a well-respected and revered NFT project with a lot of hype and momentum. The team behind this project is extremely proficient at marketing, and there is no question that this project is likely to sell out without much difficulty and in no time. The high mint price is slightly questionable, however, as many new projects are free to mint and many people are hesitant to spend as much as 0.25 ETH to 0.35 ETH to mint during the current NFT bear market.

Total Supply 


Launch Date

June 30

Mint Price

Allowlist: 0.25 ETH
Public: 0.35 ETH


  • Coming Soon

Mystics is an upcoming NFT collection featuring 5,000 animated characters including the likes of a running ninja, a sneaky astronaut, and an alien floating through the air in a genie pose. At a glance, it could very easily be mistaken as an Invisible Friend’s airdrop or derivative. 

Mystic’s Twitter bio openly states that the project is inspired by Markus Magnusson’s ‘blue chip’ NFT, Invisible Friends. The artwork itself is attractive, leaning heavily toward a bright and bold, cartoony aesthetic with a focus more on a fuller color palette rather than intricate details. 

Nothing official has been announced from Mystics in regards to the utility of its upcoming NFT drop. However, the founder has hinted that clothing and collectibles will be involved in some form. Mystic’s Twitter account, as well as lead animator Brad Eaton, has also teased a trait machine for the project – allowing us to have some form of control over the traits we receive for our custom characters. Ultimately though, it is still unclear how this will be incorporated into Mystics. 

As of now, unfortunately, there is little more information other than what can be found on Twitter. However, the project is incredibly hyped with an impressive 126.3K followers despite not having announced any information surrounding the utility, roadmap, or long-term ambition of the project. More information is expected to be released shortly as they are currently running a Twitter campaign where the community can vote whether the Mystics team should release its website or their Discord server first. 

It’s very easy to be bullish when examining Mystics. It is, after all, a project that stays very close to its inspiration – Invisible Friends. The hype around it seems to be snowballing despite minimal marketing efforts. With more information to come soon via website and Discord, it’s safe to assume that anticipation will only continue to build. There will also be plenty of potential traders and investors suffering from levels of FOMO after watching and missing out on Invisible Friends dominating the walking narrative, with this being seen as their second chance. 

Whilst little is known about what the future holds for Mystics, founder Third Age has said all the right things and influential people in the space (including WGMI Media’s very own Kosher Plug and BentoBoi) are followers of the project so this is one of those projects that you don’t want to miss. 

Total Supply 


Launch Date


Mint Price


Hidden Gem of the Week:

Shrouded Playgrounds

According to their team, Shrouded Playground is a lifestyle-based art, utilizing a collection of open-minded mavericks, eccentrics, and gangsters to take over the Solana playground. The team aims to create the best art project on the Solana network that everyone could be proud of as a collective community. The Shrouded Playgrounds team intends to prioritize art and community building above all else with members ranging from blue-chip traders to first-time NFT collectors,

Below is a list of the current and future utilities that will come with owning a Shrouded Playgrounds NFT:

Initial NFT Utility:

•1 Free Shrouded Playground NFT airdrop of the main collection

Future NFT Utility:

•Airdrop of future collections

•20% Mint revenue and 20% royalties from the main collection

•Free raffle entries

•Ability to vote on future project decisions

•Discounted and free limited merch 

The Shrouded Playgrounds team has been great at building out their community and paying attention to their individual community members. They’ve previously implemented a Discord system where anyone can join the “waiting room” while they waited to gain entry (which took place once every few weeks). Using this method they have been able to grow their Discord server with more than 91k members, and their Twitter follower count to more than 143.9k at the time of writing. Once gaining full access to their Discord server, the chat rooms are filled with real conversation amongst each other, and void of the many “wen mint”, and “how to get whitelisted” questions that are more prevalent with less qualified projects indicating that Shrouded Playgrounds has an extremely strong community which is a critical ingredient for success.

Total Supply 


Launch Date

July 7th

Mint Price


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