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WGMI Weekly Wednesday Newsletter

June 22, 2022

NFT of the Week: CryptoNinja Partners

‘CryptoNinja Partners’ (CNP) is an anime-based NFT collection of 22,222 NFTs, and it is the second collection created by the team behind ‘CryptoNinja’. Their first collection called CryptoNinja NFT has a total of 31 items, and the floor price sits at 30 ETH at the time of writing. The CryptoNinja is the largest DAO in Japan, and holding a CryptoNinja Partners NFT acts as an access pass into the CryptoNinja DAO community. 

The CryptoNinja Partners collection sold out of its entire 22,222 supply within just 2 hours of its mint phase on May 12th, 2022. CNP had an incredibly generous mint price of only 0.001 ETH with no max cap so those who were whitelisted were able to mint as many NFTs as they wanted. It is important to note that this collection has a higher royalty fee than other collections as it is set at 10%. 


Why CryptoNinja Partners is our NFT of the Week

The floor price of the CryptoNinja Partners collection has been steadily rising over the past week, when most other collections have been faltering. Just in the past 7 days the CNP collection floor increased from 0.23 ETH (June 14th) to a current floor price of 0.65 ETH at writing which is a 282% gain. What’s even more impressive was the fact that the initial mint price was only 0.001 ETH with no mint limit, so those who were able to mint saw gains of 650x or 65,000% per NFT. The CNP collection is gaining a lot of attention and hype because they’ve recently released news surrounding their next collection called CryptoNinja Jobs which will be minting on July 17th for a mint price of 0.001 ETH (the date is subject to change). 

 TL;DR: Those who minted CryptoNinja Partners saw 650x gains per NFT creating life-changing gains as well as speculation surrounding the next drop called CryptoNinja Jobs which will also have a generous mint price of 0.001 ETH. 

CryptoNinja Partners in Numbers



0.001 ETH

Mint Price

0.649 ETH

Floor Price (June 21, 2022)

1.8k ETH

Volume Traded (June 21, 2022) 

CryptoNinja Team

The CryptoNinja Partners is owned and operated by six core team members who are currently anonymous. The team recently released information that they recruited a new member to help manage the CNP project and he goes by the name of NAZOPPI. The team info is provided only in Japanese, and much of the information is limited. 

A photo from the team is provided below for reference.

Marketing / Community

33k members on Discord.

43.5k members on Twitter

The CNP community is mostly Japanese based as a majority of their Tweets and announcements on Discord are provided in Japanese with a few English tweets mixed in from time to time. 

The team has been staying busy with their marketing efforts posting plenty of Tweets and various announcements each day.

The engagement rate on the CNP social media pages is lower than expected averaging less than 100 likes per tweet despite having more than 33k members on Discord and more than 43.5k members on their Twitter page.

The community feels disconnected and awry when visiting their official Discord server. Many questions from community members remain unanswered by the team, and there is little to no active communication between the community members themselves. 


  • NinjaDAO has ongoing projects in diverse fields such as the metaverse, education, and entertainment. These will be connected to Crypto Ninja Partners to expand the possibilities afforded by CNP ownership continually. 
  • Owning  CNP gives holders priority access to NinjaDAO projects and events. All CNP owners will be the first to own any future NFT collections planned by the CNP team in the future.
  • A new collection called ‘CryptoNinja Jobs’ will be available to mint for all CNP holders.
  • A “Custom-Made Service” to CNP holders is coming soon (information is still TBA). 
  • Mint 3D Avatars in the future as it is still in development.


Q2 2022

  • CNP Launch
  • Launch Commemorative Metaverse 
  • Treasure hunt event
  • Community Voting
  • Custom-made crafting service for owned CNP avatars
  • CNP Owner Exclusive Metaverse Event

Q3 2022

  • Background synthesis site opened
  • New character NFT
  • CNP Owner Exclusive Metaverse Music Fest

Q4 2022

  • Voxel NFT project Airdrop
  • Theme park on the metaverse
  • CNP chakra token airdrop
  • CNP NFT card battle
  • Collaboration with Real facilities
  • Building a new IP business model
  • Support for other IPs

Conclusion: Much of the buzz and the success of CNP is based on speculation and people anticipating the following CNP collection where they will be able to mint a CryptoNinja Jobs NFT for only 0.001 ETH, which is currently scheduled for July 17th, 2022 (the date may be subject to change). 


Recently Launched and Trending Projects

Sneaker Heads

Sneakerheads is a collection of 5,000 uniquely designed NFTs by artist and founder, Ali Dawood. Each NFT is a hand-drawn face made with sneaker material and sneaker-based traits. The Sneaker Heads project also intends to become a launchpad for community and collaboration that brings together street culture and Web3 technology, although that won’t be until later. 

The team is focused on growing the Sneakerhead community as it is the heart of sneaker culture itself, both an identity and also a movement.  Sneakerheads isn’t just a brand or just another NFT collection according to the team. The Sneakerheads team has a goal to create Web 3.0’s largest sneaker community that gives power to the creators and the community itself. Starting with 40 distinct models and 5,000 avatars, Sneakerheads NFTs are a canvas for physical and digital collaborations which will bring real utility to sneaker culture.

The Sneaker Heads project was extremely hyped during the bull market a few months ago but decided to delay its launch date. The mint price for the collection was 0.25 ETH, and they ended up selling out of the entire 5k collection without any mint or smart contract issues. The collection floor price currently sits at 0.38 ETH at writing, with more than 2.2K in ETH traded since its launch. So far, the performance of the Sneaker Heads collection is exceeding expectations during the NFT bear market where free-to-mint and almost free-to-mint projects have been the flavor of the month. 

Total Supply: 5,000
Mint Price: 0.25 ETH
Current Floor Price: 0.38 ETH

Lacoste UNDW3

Lacoste UNDW3 is a collection of 11,212 NFTs that grants exclusive access to products and content created by the community for the community. Other details regarding their roadmap are still yet to be disclosed by its team. 

The Lacoste UNDW3 team hopes to create an entire Web3 experience by giving community members exclusive digital, physical, and experiential privileges as Lacoste pushes the boundaries of fashion and sport through using NFT and Web3 technology. 

Looking at the Lacoste UNDW3’s social media profiles, they have amassed more than 81k members on their Discord server and they currently have more than one million followers on Twitter largely thanks to its timeless brand and IP. 

The mint phase for the Lacoste UNDW3 NFTs began on June 14th with a mint price of 0.08 ETH. The collection floor price dropped to as low as 0.15 ETH early on, but the floor price and the trading volume began to pick up with some NFTs selling for as high as 0.5 ETH on the same day. The current floor price of Lacoste UNDW3 sits at 0.215 ETH at writing with plenty of support with only 647 NFTs out of 11,212 currently listed for sale on OpenSea.

Lacoste UNDW3 was released at a perfect time when there wasn’t much going on in the NFT space. Lacoste is garnering a lot of star power and attention right now when many of its competitors have no roadmap or utility. Traders and collectors are looking at Lacoste UNDW3 as a breath of fresh air during a time when one too many degen projects without much substance have been pumping.

Total Supply: 11,212Mint Price: 0.08 ETHCurrent Floor Price: 0.215 ETHWebsite:


LonelyPop is a collection of 10,000 NFTs which is a collaboration between Noinah and 0xStudio. LonelyPop is an extremely detailed hand-drawn collection that is a unique combination of anime and cutesy digital art. 

“LonelyPop, founded by Noinah and 0xStudio, is an NFT collection and community centered around the artistic expression of loneliness and the idea that we can all be #lonelytogether. LonelyPop is the flagship project of Noinah and 0xstudio, and the culmination of struggles with loneliness, strengths & weaknesses, and passion for art all brought into one collective work of art.”

Lonelypop aims to convey the individual and collective human experience through detail in its art components. The hope is that if a picture is worth a thousand words, the LonelyPop NFTs represent a thousand feelings. The collection believes in the importance of mental health and hopes to advocate for mental health in a meaningful way. Last but not least, LonelyPop is a community-focused NFT project that welcomes everyone to come together in unity regardless of background. They hope to build an online society that is welcoming, friendly, and uplifting which will then hopefully impact the world around us. 

LonelyPop is an extremely hyped project that has been marketed for several months. This project is a direct collaboration between the artist and 0xStudio who has become known as one of the leaders in the NFT/Web3 space. 0xStudio is directly responsible for the success of many other high-profile projects such as Dreamy, Yokee, UglyPeople, 3Landers, and Uncertainty Principles where they provided both in-depth tech services as well as project advisory roles. 

The LonelyPop collection had a fairly slow start after its initial mint phase hitting a low of 0.15 ETH a few days back. Since then the collection floor price and trading volume have picked up. The current floor price of Lonely Pop sits at 0.258 ETH at writing, and the collection has seen a more than 1.1k ETH in trading volume since its launch less than a week ago.

Total Supply: 10,000 
Mint Price: 0.075 ETH (WL) – 0.15 ETH (Public)
Current Floor Price: 0.258 ETH


Upcoming Projects: Bangers


CubeX is hoping to stroll into the walking meta alongside the likes of Invisible Friends and Imaginary Ones. The CubeX collection will consist of 7,777 NFTs and each CubeX NFT will consist of a walking, 3D animated avatar made up of thousands of cubes. Each CubeX NFT will also double as your personal avatar and playable character in the CubeWorld metaverse. Characters will feature a variety of traits including clothing, hats, weapons, and accessories such as a musical instrument or a paintbrush as a few examples. 

The team plans to launch into The Metaverse during phase 3 of its roadmap with CubeWorld. Built within Minecraft, CubeWorld will be a place where holders can hang out, play minigames and compete for the project’s currency, $WRLD tokens.

CubeX is definitely one to keep on the radar as they have more than 204.6k followers on Twitter, and they have been partnering up and collaborating with major NFT projects such as Godjira, Llamaverse Citizens of Tajigen, Just Ape, and Primates to name a few. 

Last but not least, the CubeX project has an extensive roadmap with a total of 8 phases. Some of the phases includes a release of a decentralized social media platform for NFT and crypto enthusiasts as well as launching ‘Hubbl’ on the Apple App Store for iOS and Google Play for Android. 

Holders will be able to access various in-app benefits which will be available for public purchase for non-holders. Some of the app features will include a gas tracker, NFT market analytics, an upcoming drops calendar, a rarity checker, and more. Additional information can be found on the CubeX WGMI Spotlight by clicking here.

Total Supply 


Mint Date

June 24-25

Mint Price

0.25 ETH – WL
0.35 ETH – Public

Llamascape (Gridcraft Ecosystem)

Gridcraft Network is an established Play & Earn gaming metaverse platform for PC, Xbox, PlayStation, Nintendo Switch, and mobile devices that have been active since 2019. Gridcraft Network is produced by Gridcraft Studios, a game studio made up of game developers, level designers, and 3D modelers with an extensive collective resume in both multiplayer game creation and NFTs. 

Users will be able to earn $BITS by playing Gridcraft and use those tokens to buy land, make cosmetic upgrades & more. The Gridcraft Network is compatible with Minecraft, the popular multiplayer game platform, and developed by Gridcraft Studios. As of now, there is no official affiliation between the Gridcraft project and Microsoft.

Gridcraft’s game development team is comprised of industry-leading game designers and game developers with decades of combined experience working within the gaming multiplayer ecosystem. The team backing Gridcraft prides itself on being Voxel game-native, with a deep understanding of how to make voxel games fun. Gridcraft’s NFT operations are backed by the CLU Production House, creators of Goobers NFT and JRNYCrypto’s Planet Xolo.

Members of the Gridcraft Studios team have contributed to the following notable large-scale multiplayer projects: 

• TubNet 

• Skyblock Isle

• Major contributions to Adin Ross’s SSB WRLD, Hylist Games, PartyZone, Playblocks, and more. 

Llamascape has been building up quite the community as they boast more than 186.9k followers on Twitter at the time of writing, and they have been seeing thousands of engagements on their tweets.

The Gridcraft team has also been able to generate a lot of hype and FOMO through the creation of various trailer videos and sneak peeks of which one is included below for reference.

Total Supply 


Launch Date

June 27, 2022

Mint Price

0.3 ETH

Hidden Gem of the Week

Rubber Duckz (Phase 2)

The RubberDuckz project initially launched on Jan 20, 2022, as a collection of 2,000 hand-illustrated 2D duck NFTs known as the ‘Rubber Duckz’. 

The RubberDuckz initiative first began as a collaborative effort between ‘PapaDuck’ & Trey Ratcliff (Proof member and Duck holder), mostly directed to their Proof Collective friends as a token of their friendship. 

The RubberDuckz team has been clear to their community that there will be no utility or extra perks associated with owning a RubberDuckz NFT other than holders getting an Allowlist spot for the BYORD (RubberDuckz Phase 2), their new collection of 5,000 Duckz with an additional 300+ new traits in addition to new rarities. In addition, the BYORD collection will have its own separate utility. 

In short, owning a Rubber Duckz Genesis will allow all holders the option to claim a free mint into the BYORD project for just the cost of gas. In addition, all BYORD NFTs will grant a free mint of VOXEL AVATARS that will be claimable on the Sandbox Metaverse in the future. All Rubber Duckz holders will also receive access to private members-only channels on their Discord server. 

The Rubber Duckz team has chosen to remain undoxxed. The only information that we have surrounding their identities is the information found on their Twitter profile, Discord FAQ, and official website. In their own words, the team behind Rubber Duckz consists of marketers, ad-men, illustrators, digital designers, developers, and crypto and NFT enthusiasts that have been in this space since 2017. According to their official website, the team is adamant that they have all the connections and resources necessary to make their project a success. 

The Rubber Duckz public association with the PROOF Collective and their relationship with Kevin Rose have been doing wonders for the Rubber Duckz Genesis collection and its floor price. For example, on April 1st, the Rubber Duckz Genesis collection had an average floor price of 0.12 ETH, but the collection has since seen many price pumps, taking the floor price to new all-time highs in recent days. The current floor price of the Rubber Duckz Genesis collection sits at 0.48 ETH at writing.

The NFT community started to associate the Rubber Duckz collection as a cheaper means for those who can’t afford to buy into the Moonbirds or PROOF Collective ecosystems directly. This project is our hidden gem of the week as not many people know about the BYORD Phase 2 collection and its association with Kevin Rose and the Proof Collective. BYORD Phase 2 is a project not to be missed, and definitely worth keeping on your radar for a great potential flipping opportunity.

*Please remember to always DYOR as this is not financial advice. 

Total Supply 


Launch Date

June 30

Mint Price

WL – free + gas 
Public – TBA

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