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Web3 NYC Gallery – Manhattan’s Answer to IRL NFT Exhibitions

A physical art gallery in Manhattan called Web3 NYC Gallery is allowing artists to showcase and sell their NFTs on screens. Artists must buy an NFT from the gallery’s Genesis collection in order to gain access to a screen.

A new art gallery which allows artists to showcase their own NFTs on screens has been set up in the heart of Manhattan. 

Dubbed the ‘Web3 NYC Gallery’, the physical space allows artists and collectors who purchase one of its 300 Genesis NFTs to present their NFTs on screens developed by Web3 visual display pioneers Tokenframe.

The NFTs come in three different tiers, with each being connected to a different screen size. There are 160 connected to a 10-inch Collectors Club screen, 110 connected to the 21.5-inch Degen Club screen, and 30 connected to the 43-inch Alpha Club screen. The first two tiers can be purchased via the collection’s mint page, while NFTs from the third tier are being privately sold at unlisted prices. 

Upon purchasing one of the Genesis NFTs, holders will be able to pick and choose which of their NFTs they wish to display on the screen. For now, the only limitation they will come across is the fact that Tokenframe products only support NFTs built on the Ethereum blockchain. However, the company is looking into adding support for other blockchains such as Solana and Tezos.  

With regards to how in-store customers can purchase the on-display NFTs, they can do so by completing a transaction which begins with scanning a QR code. Tech-savvy associates will also be on-hand to help customers set up wallets and learn about the general process of buying and managing NFTs.

For those in the proximity of New York, the Web3 NYC Gallery opened its doors on June 15th, and is located at 510 5th Avenue in Manhattan.


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