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June 6th, 6:30pm UTC



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What is Vandal City?

Home to multi-millionaires, Vandal City is a place full of skyscrapers and private estates that is currently overrun with bandits and bank robbers that are threatening to take over the city. Using $VAULT tokens to crack the city’s bank vaults, and take the riches for themselves, the “Vandals” are finally executing this heist after years of planning and hiding in the shadows.

The team at Vandal City believe that community is at the heart of NFTs and the blockchain with staking and games being key features of the project where Vandals can crew up and share in all the rewards that await. 

Coming soon to the Solana blockchain, Vandal City will be available to mint on the leading SOL marketplace, Magic Eden. 10,000 NFTs will be introduced, consisting of criminals of all varieties each with its own unique look, accessories and weapon. The artwork is very pleasing, eerily similar to that of fellow mega hyped project, Jikan Studios, which isn’t surprising considering the artwork has been created by the same individual. As with her other project, Vandal City is heating up to be yet another hugely exciting project for Solana based traders and investors.



Sticking close to the crime based theme of the project, Vandal City’s roadmap has been revealed as a set of “jobs”. As of now, there are four jobs in total for the community to look forward to.


Job I – The $SOL Heist

The first job will focus on bank heists within Vandal City. Crews of two will be able to search for hidden $SOL bank vaults across the Solana blockchain. $SOL will be randomly deposited into vaults (wallets) across the chain with varying amounts per vault. Vandal City’s website will display the amounts in each vault and whether it has been unlocked. A dedicated website will allow Vandals to submit wallet guesses and if correct, will be notified. Any $SOL found will be kept by the crew that finds it. 


Job II – Long term utility

Vandal City will begin to incorporate ways in which accumulated $VAULT can be spent. The second job will begin as soon as Job I concludes.

  • NFT Auction House – Holders can bid on NFTs from a variety of projects on the auction block. Tokens from both SOL and ETH will be listed alongside WL spots, gift cards and merch.


  • NFT Raffles – $VAULT will be used to buy entry into raffles. Prizes will include: NFTs from both SOL and ETH will be listed alongside WL spots, gift cards and merch.


  • Vandal City Games – Collected $VAULT tokens will be used to play casino-style games. An example of this is “Vault Scrambler” where currency is spent to scramble two combination lock numbers (0 or 1) and if the correct binary string is matched, 4 x $VAULT tokens will be awarded. 


Job III – The NFT Heist

Similar in principle to Job I, however, this time players will be tasked with hunting down wallets containing various amounts of NFTs from across the SOL blockchain. The value of wallets will range from below 5 SOL to more than 50 SOL. More info is promised at a later date.


Job IV – Branding and Merchandise

Exclusive merch for holders, payable in $VAULT will be made available to the community. Funded by mint takings, the team will keep the community DAO about samples and design ideas. More information is promised down the line. 



Consisting of members who have a range of experience in the NFT space, the Vandal City team looks well prepared to launch their extremely hyped project in early June. 

Founder – Berry

Making Web3 their home, Berry has just over 30K Twitter followers and alongside being a founder of Vandal City, is also the creator of Puppy Pound, Solana’s first gamified staking algorithms.  

Founder – Unshackled

Building Web3 alongside Berry, Unshackled is a serial creator within the space. Further to Vandal City, they also founded Puppy Pound (also with Berry) and Celestial X Labs

3D Artist – EU Degens

Holder of 2 DeadGods, EU Degens is now also a Vandal. Responsible for the 3D art within the project. Eu Degens is also Art Director at Celestial X Labs. 

2D Artist – Roxi 

Alongside working on the incredible 2D art for Vandal City, Roxi is also a founder of similarly hyped SOL project, Jikan Studios.

2D Artist – Tej

Tej is a freelance digital artist, concept artist, gamer and aviation enthusiast. Working from the Philippines he will lend his skillset to the team at Vandal City.

Lead Dev – SOL EVO

Sol Evo leads the development for Vandal City as well as Celestial X Labs and Puppy Pound 

Lead Video and Content Producer – NickyC

Unfortunately, there are very few details on NickyC.

Lead Mod – Vinny

Vinny is lead mod for the project and a collector of NFTs. Little is known about Vinny outside of this.


Bullish case

With still two weeks until mint, Vandal City has amassed a staggering amount of hype and community already, exceeding 210K followers on Twitter and 176K members on Discord. The team seem to have close ties to the DeGods project, currently the most valuable by floor price on the SOL network. Not only will this build levels of trust, but aligning itself with a brand of this magnitude will only create even more excitement for the project. With a website still to launch, it’s more than likely things will only go on an upwards trajectory. Solana NFTs are without a doubt the marketplace to be in right now, and with more currency flowing in from frustrated ETH traders and investors, Vandal City is dropping at the perfect time. Mint price is still to be announced, however, the WGMI team do not expect that to be an issue as eager degens will have seen recent projects skyrocket in value and in all likelihood, Vandal City will follow that trend.


It’s hard to pinpoint any red flags when looking over Vandal City. The artwork is on point, the team is solid and the roadmap is exciting. It could be argued that the supply is a little on the high end at 10,000 – however, similarly hyped projects have sold out without much issue. Rugpulls have also been an issue recently, although given the history of the team and the levels they have gone to for Vandal City, that scenario seems impossible. To conclude, if you are on the Whitelist or get an opportunity to buy at mint, it may be wise to do so.

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