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TBA (Late October or Early November)

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TBA (fair market price)


TBA (between 5k and 10k)

What is Gakko?

GAKKO (Japanese: 学校, Academy) is a community-oriented meta franchise supported by the NFT collection of Gakkonians – various creatures originating from different planets and traveling through space on the Gakko starship. The team combines art, storytelling, and fashion, along with the power of Web3 technology, to create unique and immersive experiences. 

Gakko NFTs will be stored on the ETH blockchain, but they will be mintable both in ETH and SOL (cross-chain mint).

Gakko Project Spotlight Photo
Gakko (3)

Roadmap / Utility


Gakko is building an actual Web3 product and the underlying infrastructure to have long-term success. By owning Gakko NFT, you enter an immersive game with multiple mediums and utilities. More specific information about the product will be released shortly. 


Gakko is creating a web3 franchise. The fundamental elements of the franchise include an immersive platform with on-chain verification, NFT drops, and collaborations with various projects and brands. 

“The era of NFTs projects with a template roadmap is over. It’s time to revolutionize the storytelling concept and create something great. More information from the ‘Board of Captains’ is yet to come…” – Gakko Team.

Gakko regularly has team meetings with the ‘Board of Captains.’ There they debate the future of Gakko with many creative ideas being discussed which will integrate with the project’s future.

For the past couple of months, Gakko has been a mythical spaceship – Its storytellers have purposefully left mere hints about the project’s future using narratives, and the details surrounding their adventures, actual goals, and trajectory have been carefully and strategically kept under wraps.

The Gakkoverse NFT collection is only a part of the larger plan the Gakko space team is currently working on. Gakko is building a platform that provides access to the utilities via a lore-based narrative in the form of interactive staking. Holders will be able to connect their NFTs to the platform. Gakko will introduce soft-staking with rewards in XP (points). Later, holders can spend their accumulated XPs in the marketplace or participate in Missions to get XP multipliers.

Additionally, Gakko is paving the way toward merging the skills of talented artists and their Web3 resources into beautiful work products. 1 of 1 artwork will be included in the main collection, with creators getting % from each sale 


Gakko’s founding team consists of professionals with top credentials. The majority of the team is doxxed. The team will release an article where each core team member will have an opportunity to introduce themselves and share more information about their professional background.

  • Co-founders own a successful design studio
  • Artists have worked with Travis Scott, Nike, Lady Gaga, Migos
  • Sound designers worked at the SF Motor Show
  • Web Designers won multiple European awards
  • Developers own a successful Web3 project

Gsmgarden – VFX Artist
Wiesboy – 3D Artist
Anytime – 3D Artist
Mark – Storyteller / Copywriter
Serpent – Security Lead
Esky – Hype Director
Meka – Business Developer 
Priber – Head of Product



Mitchell (NFT influencer)
Jeremy (NFT influencer)
PIXELORD (NFT influencer)



Magic Mushroom Clubhouse
Vayner Sports 


Bullish case
  • Long-term partnership with Llamaverse and Possessed
  • Exponential growth on socials – 80k on Twitter and 25k on Discord
  • Developed a fully-functioning interactive website 
  • Created 400+ high-quality attributes for the art 
  • Partnered with Magic Eden for the NFT Launch 


  • Both the mint price details and the total supply are yet to be finalized which will become important factors when determining the amount of future potential gains.
  • It is currently unclear which developers are handling the smart contract development. It will be important that the mint phases and the launch date proceeds without any hiccups to avoid any community FUD, which may negatively impact the floor price and the future of this collection. 


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