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University of Tokyo Announces Metaverse Course

The University of Tokyo welcomes Web3 culture with its own Metaverse course. Here’s what you need to know.

The University of Tokyo, one of the best universities in Japan, is embracing the pending Web3 era. It offers a new Metaverse-focused course for high school students and adult workers. The system will operate under the Faculty of Engineering and related graduate schools. The university will display positions in its Metaverse, Todai, and all participants will receive official certificates. 


Why Is It Offering This Course?

Japan is known for being a nation that pioneers technology. It is always at the forefront of innovation and one step ahead of the rest of the world. As Web3 is starting to gain momentum around the globe, this course will help students and workers better understand the importance of the Metaverse in our current society and how it works. 


This contrasts with others’ beliefs, as many have said that they think the Metaverse should be closed off.


Given that the Metaverse market value was estimated at around 40 billion USD in 2021, and It has been predicted that the market size could grow to about 1,607 billion USD by 2030, it’s undoubtedly an excellent time to look into exploring possibilities further. Japan has proven time and time again that it capitalizes on the first mover advantage while the rest of the world sleeps. It’s likely that this will be the case yet again.

Overall, Japan and the University of Tokyo clearly embrace advancing technology. Web3 is an industry that is evolving rapidly, and those who do not move with it will be left behind. 



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